History Of Nigeria Labour Congress

See Below The History Of Nigeria Labour Congress

The nigeria labour congress was founded in 1978 following a merger of four different organisations: nigeria trade union congress (NTUC), labour unity front (LUF), united labour congress (ULC) and nigeria workers council (NWC).

The numerous affiliated unions were restructured into 42 industrial unions. Its founding president was Wahab Goodluck.

The organisation has had a chequered history, surviving two instances of dissolution of its national organs and consequent appointment of state administrators. The first was in 1988 under the military regime of general ibrahim babangida. Congress’ opposition to the anti-people structural adjustment programme incensed the military administration to take over the nlc.

The second military intervention was in 1994 during the regime of general sani abacha, whose government also became fed up with the labour movement’s agitation for the restoration of democracy.

Like the initial case, the military government dissolved nlc’s national executive council and appointed a sole administrator. The same treatment was meted to the two unions in the oil and gas industry; national union of petroleum and natural gas workers (NUPENG) and petroleum and natural gas senior staff association of nigeria (PENGASSAN).

However, the administrators apparently added a further brief they plundered the finances of congress and the two unions.

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