History Of Nigeria Local Governments

The imperative of local government system was brought to the fore after independence in 1960.

The three geo-political regions continued with the existing system. Each regions adopted the system it deemed fit for its peculiarity.

The north continued with the native authority system which revolves mostly around traditional rulers while the west and east operated the english version of the local government system which had legally defined responsibility and elected majority of voluntary unpaid members and also members carrying out executive and administrative duties through the committee system.

It was a system consisting of unconditional colonial ruling classes or “traditional institutions of chiefs and other traditional rulers of the natives under the supervision of british administrative officer”.

But this kind of local government system was not sufficient because it consisted of only chiefs and rulers.

There was no chance for local people to be elected or to have their voice heard. It is obvious that not everything was perfect in the system of local administration, and at that time the existing governing structure was only the remains of colonialism.

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Local government is the earliest form of governance before the existence of both state and federal government although it might have had diverse names from the outset, but it have been government at the local level exercises through representative councils backed by law.

The administration of the local council further reveals the paramount challenges of governance at the local level embezzlement, bribery and corruption and lackadaisical attitude to work. Local government is the closest to the people.

Local government has come a very long way in nigeria’s life, they have been able to administer the localities effectively to an extent, but they can do better if they are better funded.

Hence the federal and state government should allow the local government rule in their own domain so as to be able to improve the quality of life and services rendered to the people.

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