History Of Oturkpo LGA, Benue State

Otukpo is a town in Benue State, Nigeria located in the Middle Belt Region of Nigeria. It is also the eponymous name of a subgroup of the Idoma people. Otukpo is the headquarters of the Otukpo Local Government Area. It was the headquarters of the former Idoma Province, and remains an important town in Idomaland, an area mainly populated by the Idoma speaking people, though with numerous local dialects spoken in the diverse reaches of Idoma land. Otukpo Idoma language is the umbrella lingua.

Otukpo is the seat of the Och’ Idoma, the ParamoIdomaef of the Idoma Nation.


The people of Otukpo are predominantly Christians. Christianity came into the town during the colonial era. The Roman Catholic church is the pioneer church in the land and is popularly referred to as Church ‘ufada’ (the Reverend Father’s church). The Methodist church is also popular in the area. Of late, there has been proliferation of Pentecostal churches in Otukpo. There is also the presence of traditional worship (Alekwu) in Otukpo. Although traditional worship is gradually going extinct, the Alekwu (ancestral) Onyonkpo and Achukwu deities are held sacred in many villages of Otukpo. There is also the practice of Islam by the indigenous people of Otukpo. The Abu family in Otukpo town are the first indigenous Idoma people in Otukpo that embraced and practised Islam. Other Idoma indigenes that practised Islam in Otukpo are the Sule Ujor family, Sule Audu and the Samsudeen Amali family. Also, the family of professor samsudeen Amali of Upu village are of the Islamic faith.


Otukpo is served by a train station on the national railway network as well as numerous bus and taxi services such as Benue Links, Ejifa Transport, Silver Travels, Pleasure Travels, Calculux and Ifesinachi which travel to every major city in Nigeria daily.

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