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History Of Shelleng LGA, Adamawa State


Shelleng is a Local Government Area of Adamawa State, North-east Nigeria. The Local government shares borders with Guyuk and Girei LGA and it’s made up of towns and villages such as Kiri, Bodwai, Gundo, Jumbul, Shelleng, Timbu, Ketembere, Dunge, Boburo, and Tallum. Shelleng Local government has an estimated population of 190,671 inhabitants with the area Consisting members of varying ethnic group such as the Lala, kana kuri, kiri, and the Bura. The Bura language is one of the spoken languages in Shelleng LGA while the religions of Christianity and Islam are commonly practiced in the area. Popular festivals celebrated in Shelleng LGA include the Mendamo festival while the notable landmarks in the area include the Kiri Dam and the Shelleng Cottage Hospital.


Shelleng Local government covers a total area of 1,359 square kilometres and has an average temperature of 32 degrees centigrade. It lies along the Lake Chad Basin and has the Kiri and Gongola River flowing through its territory.


Fishing and Animal rearing is an important economic activity in Shelleng LGA with domestic animals such as cows, goats, rams, and horses reared and sold in large quantities within the area. The LGA is also home to a vibrant trade sector with the LGA hosting several markets where a wide variety of commodities are bought and sold. Other economic activities undertaken by the people of Shelleng LGA include hunting, pottery and crafts making. Shelleng Local government host Kiri Dam which is use in supplying water for agricultural in the Area.

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