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History Of Technology In Nigeria


History Of Technology In Nigeria

Science and Technology begins with human presence. In spite of the fact that at the underlying stage it was exceptionally rough yet it not-the-less transformed to what is so commended today. It isn’t disputable or a subject of open deliberation that Nigeria has assumed a huge part in the different revelations in the World of Science and Technology which has had a noteworthy effect all around.

[Beginning from the way man see his condition, his methods for survival or business, his way to deal with medical problems ,data scattering and recovery framework and how he secure himself reflects distinctive degrees of the logical way to deal with taking care of human issues and difficulties.

It won’t be anything but difficult to catch the whole history of Science and Technology and how it affect current substances in Nigeria specifically and the world everywhere in one single scholarly talk.

It will in this manner be separated to its different sub units that constitutes its basics.

The Global Technology Archive will fill in as a compass and a connection intersection to the different scholastic schools of Thought in respect to this topic and other associated issues. Therefore you will discover the connection beneath helpful:

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