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Hotels Near Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)


Below is a list of 15 Hotels Near Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN)

  1. Hardrock Hotel and Suites, 16 Unity Street | Off Liasu Rd., Ikotun 100265, Nigeria
  2. Westland Hotels and Suites, 1-3 Ayolaja Street, off Ijegun Road, Ile-Ibadan Bus-Stop, Ikotun, Lagos 550104, Nigeria
  3. Paradise Hotel Limited, 1, Paradise Street, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  4. GrandVenice Transit Apartments, 12 Fatai Irawo Street, Lagos 100263, Nigeria
  5. E 74 Hotel and Suite, 21, Akeja Street, Off Authority Avenue, Ile-Iwe bus stop, Egbe, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  6. Jikolat Hotel, 61/62, Isheri Oshun-Ijegun Road, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  7. Alabama International Hotel & Suites, 1, Palace Way, Abaranje, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  8. Rob Emmics Hotel Limited, 6 Alhaji Sodiq Close, Egbe, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  9. Tom Hotel And Suites, Bakare Bus-Stop, Ikotun Igando Link Road, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  10. Plus Hotels Limited, 10 Fatimah Street, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  11. Hotel De Mutas, 1, Fatoberu Street, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  12. Den Cado Guest House, No 3, Covenant Street, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  13. The Mirage Resort Limited, 1 Okonji Crescent, Cele Egbe, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  14. F & K Hotel, 11, Samson Ogunbode, Abaranje, Ikotun, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
  15. Smart ‘H’ Hotel & Event Center, 15 Jimoh Olaoge Street, Ogoro Bus stop, Abaronje Okerube, Lagos, Ikotun, Nigeria
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