How To Become A Nigerian Diplomat

See Characteristics of Diplomats Below…

Be a Good Negotiator

This characteristic is very essential in diplomacy. Possessing this skill will greatly help in performing the roles of the office. As a good negotiator, the interest of the country is always held in the highest esteem and protected through effective negotiation skills.

Strong Loyalty

Loyalty is an essential characteristic of a diplomat. Without loyalty, a diplomat is likely to dole out confidential information of national importance to other others. This attribute is an everyday need in the busy working life of a diplomat.

Behaving Honorably

In a situation where a diplomat finds himself/herself at a cross-roads with emerging policy that might be in disagreement with what the diplomat feels is consistent, such diplomat “diplomatically” argues the point, trying to point out key issues that may prove detrimental to the interest of the country and the mission. In a situation that he/she looses out of the argument, then he can decide to either resign or accept the policy change.

Exploiting Opportunities

Diplomats are always on the lookout for any policy opportunities. Whenever these rear their heads, they are swooped upon to the advantage of the country. To have the ability to recognize opportunities, a diplomat must have an eye for detail in addition to an analytical mind. Having these characteristics can either be inborn or taught. Whatever the case, knowing when to take advantage of situation is very important.

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