How To Become A Nigerian Musician

See Steps To Become A Nigerian Musician Below…

1. Practice Feverishly

After writing a beautiful song the next best thing is to practice it all-day-every-day. The more you practice the more you perfect the music, and also the more you perfect your own voice. Practice is all that may make the difference between a music everyone will like and one nobody will like, because as mentioned earlier music is about performance, the better the style and complexity the better people will receive it.

Find a secluded spot to practice where no one will disturb your peace (or rather you disturb theirs), if it helps make a schedule but the point is practice constantly till you perfected your new song because nobody would want to hear a music stammering in-between, forgotten lines, a typical voice and such.

2. Find An Instrumental

Nowadays you can download beats for free from millions of websites, a simple Google search will reveal most of them although most of the sites such as clearly point out its for non-commercial use only, that is if you want to use it for your music you have to buy from the artists that made the instrumentals or beats. If you are not willing to pay then avoid downloading from such sites and instead go for ‘royalty-free’ sites, where you will be able to use the beats you downloaded for both commercial and non-commercial use. But the best of the best is this site sells all kinds of beats for all kinds of music.

Your second option is to make the beats yourself, there are a number of application software that you can download to create your own beats, the apps are usually equipped with the ability to create track beats from hundreds of instruments. But depending on your music style, hiring a band or playing an instrument yourself to record live in the studio isn’t a bad idea either.

3. Find A Recording Studio

To record your song it is best to use professional recording tools to get a high quality file format. Which is ultimately driving down to the studio, find a recording studio that knows what they are doing to record your music. How it’s done is you buy ‘sessions’, which is the time allocated to you, just like in a cyber café. You give them your instrumentals to play for you while you sing the song along with it. Once you are all done don’t forget to collect the CD and the digital copy of the recording, and if it is in a weird format like AAC or OGG tell them to convert it to recognisable formats like the MP3.

Some musicians especially beginners like to collect only the voice recording from the studio and mix with the beats themselves using an application software. It’s pretty easy one could learn in a couple of days.

4. Make A Video

No matter your budget make a video because that is what most people will be streaming online. Each time you make a song make sure it has a video of some sorts, you could get videographers from photography studios then hire an experienced video editor to edit the video for you. Please note that you shouldn’t rely on the camera man to edit the video, editing and taking shots are two entirely different things.

5. Promote Yourself And Your Music

Build a website, open and connect to every possible social media network on the planet. Share your music files and videos to fans on your social media accounts and the website. Try not to overlook Youtube, you will b found real fast there, it is the second largest search engine.

You could also try sending free copies of your CD to local radio stations to play your song. The point is tell the world in every way you can that you are a musician and you have something they will love, shout it out real good.

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