How To Become A Unilever Distributor In Nigeria

Unilever is a major player in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMEG)
segment of the Nigerian economy. Some of the company’s world class
standard brands are Close Up toothpaste, Lipton Yellow Label Tea, Blue
Band Spread, Knorr and Royco Cubes, Omo and Sunlight laundry powder,
Lux and Lifebuoy soaps.


As a Unilever distributor, you are not faced with problems of product acceptance as the reputation of the company is not in doubt among Nigerians.

You may have heard about Lever Brothers either on the news or from other sources from way back before its change of name to Unilever Nigeria PLC. However, what many Nigerians are unaware of is that products from this company find their way into arguably every household in the country! This is moreso as its products are termed FMCG products (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). You may be shocked, but wait for this; These products are surprisingly popular sundry consumer products which include Close-up toothpaste, Royco, Omo detergent, Lipton yellow label tea, and Blueband margarine among several others. The deep penetration and acceptance of its products among Nigerians makes it the ideal company to do business with.

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Requirements to Become a Unilever Distributor In Nigeria

As with any business of note, there are requirements you need to meet. These requirements are necessary for full take off of business. For Unilever Nigeria PLC, the requirements for becoming its distributor include;

Financial strength (borrowed funds not exceeding 50% of working capital)

Ability to communicate in english, local language and pidgin english is desirable.

Growth mindset flexible and adaptable to change

Good knowledge of the consumer goods market

Currently in fmcg business or new entrant

Possess a high sense of integrity and show willingness to work within company policy

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Financial requirements of n10 – n30 million startup working capital depending on location.

Sound business or trading acumen

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