How To Become A Writer In Nigeria

How To Become A High Earning Freelance Writer In Nigeria
Hello writers out there! Today is for you! I’m about exposing to you the secrets you need to know to make writing a full time job that can earn you some unbelievable income. The special focus is on how you can become a high earning freelance writer.

I also encourage anybody who has a passion in writing and is equipped with the necessary skills to make it a full time job. It pays! … the author of… became a billionaire for writing the best book. So you too can do it! Few years back a young 16-year old boy named OniBalusiBamidele who had a passion in writing took to the computer in a cyber café to sort for clients online to sell his writing services to.

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He was actually driven by the passion to do what he loves doing but surprisingly to him he was making a living out of it before he knew it. In a year’s time, this young boy was making in excess of $5000 monthly from writing online. Today he works with a team that makes over $10,000 for him monthly.

Today he’s the publisher of WritersinCharge.comand has also diversified into blogging where he gets rave reviews. If a 16-year old with little experience can make it in this business, how much more you? Just make a decision today. People are already earning fortunes from writing online. You can become one of them and become a high earning freelance writer

To become a freelance writer is as easy as getting a PC and a reliable internet connection, registering with freelance outsourcing sites or content mills, and picking up writing assignments to handle. You can start that way, but if you continue on those platforms, you won’t get past the crumbs category.Here are the cracker steps for you to follow If you want to leave the league of low-earning freelance writers and become a high earning freelance writer. Only pay attention to them all!

How to become a high earning freelance writer in Nigeria
1. Hone your skills
In freelance writing, you will meet clients who crave for quality. They are ready to part with money based on the quality of work you present. You can earn as low as $3 for low quality articles. You can also earn as high as $100 on a well-researched and quality article. The choice is all yours.

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If you want to become a high earning freelance writer, you must work on improving your skills and taking them to excellence. Only then will clients readily pay you premium rates. If you wish to improve your writing skills and make quality contents, make the following measures your best friends:

7 Super-Fast Ways to Improve your Writing Skills so as to become a high earning freelance writer
Start reading books on writing such as The Elements of Style, The Yahoo Style Guide, Grammatically Correct, and so on.
Get to read written pieces by bloggers you admire. You will learn a lot from how they use words.
Try reading blogs such as DailyBlogTips, Hubspot, DailyWritingTips, WritersinCharge and Copyblogger. These blogs teach how to write compelling content.
Endeavor to always write daily. The more you write (with improving your skills in mind), the better your writing skills will become.
Do write as you speak. Writing for the web should be conversational and lively, not formal.
Always use simple words. Trying to impress or baffle readers with big words may lead to failure.
Get to learn from expert writers. Do have your writing assessed by world-class writers, and let them tell you where you need to improve.
Up your prices
After learning your writing skills and you are confident enough that you have upped your quality, then its time to up your pay! This act may make you lose some customers in the beginning but will attract more customers when you really prove your worth in the market.

Even if you don’t get as many customers as you used to have, you will end up having less customers that pay more and some free time to invest in other things. So feel free to up your pay if your quality is right. That way, you can become a high earning freelance writer

Start your blog
You can start a blog if you want to become a high earning freelance writer. The freelance market is getting more complicated and most clients now hire freelance writers for tasks that go beyond writing. Such services as; writing blog posts and publishing them, writing guest posts and publishing them on reputable blogs, responding to readers’ comments, and so on are now vital parts of the freelancing business.

Such combinations of services are now the other of the day and clients want to hire freelancers with proven knowledge in such areas. The only way to garner such experience by freelancers is to start their own blogs and develop the skills in the process. So, if you really want to land the most lucrative freelance writing gigs, then start a blog of your own and grow it.

Aside that it shows off your writing skills to potential clients, it proves your expertise in whatever niche you choose, it increases client confidence in your ability to manage and grow a blog, and it brings in additional income through alternative streams such as affiliate marketing.

Publish guest posts in authority sites
Writing for and getting your articles published in authority sites improves your profile as a writer and helps in fetching you some clients. This is because authority sites have a large audience, writing and publishing high quality posts on these sites will display your writing skills to potential clients who can contact you for writing assignments.

Also, having your posts published on authority sites and blogs also boosts clients’ confidence in your writing skills, since such sites only accept well-written and very helpful content. This is a nice way to draw attention by new freelancers. It is also another way to become a high earning freelance writer.

Check job boards
Experience has shown that high-paying clients do not advertise their jobs in content sites. Also they don’t hire writers from freelance outsourcing sites like Elance, Freelancer, fiverr and the rest. Rather, they advertise their writing projects and positions on reputable job boards such as the Problogger job board, the Freelance Switch Job Board, and so on.

These job boards are frequently updated with lucrative writing gigs and positions that are meant to be filled by skilled freelance writers. If you really have the high grade skills required for most gigs, you will earn much more as a freelance writer. After some, experience in the business you need to try job boards. This way you can become a high earning freelance writer

Pitch blog owners
Another way to earn big in the market is by emailing established blog owners to seek for jobs. It’s not really a sure way but it works for some people.

Concluding, I want to bring to your knowledgethe fact that by adopting the tips shared here, you will earn enough money as a freelance writer that will pay all your monthly bills.

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