How To Become An Oap In Nigeria

Get a Foreign Accent – This can never be overemphasized. The more Behind your accent, the better your chances of rising through the ranks. It doesn’t matter if your accent is a poor mixture of British and Spanish or the number of months you’ve spent abroad can be counted on 1 finger. Speak like an Americanah or anything but Nigerian!

Become a Motivational Speaker. Copy quotes from all over the internet and say it intermittently so that we’d be awed or think you to be a philosopher. Especially indepth ones like these “Aspire to desire to inspire to acquire to require to reacquire to inquire and also esquire” . Rhyming is a must in this business.

Start a Side Hustle – Sell something; shoes, bags, makeup, chargers, belts or anything and use your social media platforms to push your market. If you can’t sell a product, sell a service; whether it’s a training, masterclass, or whatever. SELL

BUT don’t get it twisted, we love our OAPS to the moon and back.

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