How To Become An Uber Driver In Nigeria

STEP 1 – Get your Documents Ready

A valid driver’s license
Lagos State Driver’s Institute (LASDRI) card.
Find out how to get a Lagos State Driver’s institute card at any of the following locations below:

IKEJA –Old LSTC Yard,Oshodi – Apapa Expressway, Ilupeju, Lagos. Tel: 01-737-4498.
BADAGRY: Lagos – Badagry Expressway,Oko Afo,Badagry. Tel: 01-738-6784.
IKORODU: Lagos State Ministry of Transportation Yard, Odogunyan, Ikorodu. Tel: 01-738-6783.
LAGOS ISLAND: Old Party Secretariat,Lagos Island. Tel: 01-738-6785.
EPE: Lagos State Ministry of Transportation Yard,Epe-Ikorodu Road,Epe Tel:01-738-6786.
Note – The Lagos State Driver’s institute is a driving school partnered with Uber.

Commercial Vehicle insurance document (if you already have a car you intend to use)
You (driver) must be the holder, or at least a listed driver
Ensure the vehicle registration number is listed
Must clearly show a valid expiration date
Note-It is essential to upload very clear pictures (jpg format typically has the least issues) in which all of the numbers and information are easily visible. It is, of course, a must for the name on the documents to match your official birth name and the name you provide on the Uber signup page.

Also Note- If you do not have a car, Uber Nigeria can pair you up with an Uber Partners that only need drivers. Just go through the next couple of steps in the blog post and you should be fine.


STEP 2 – Signup Online

Once you have all of these documents, the next step is to sign up through the Uber website – using our link: (You get a signup bonus if you use our link, which has our signup referral code already pre-populated). Note – the links redirect to the correct Uber URL.

STEP 3 – Onboarding Process

After signing up and uploading the required information, everyone who wishes to become drivers in Nigeria will need to go through an onboarding process. Uber uses this process as a means to ensure that the drivers are properly qualified and up to the standards that Uber needs to maintain for clients.

During this process, you will need to register on the Uber platform as a driver for the Uber services. You also will have to upload the prepared documents.

After this, you will be tested on all of the general knowledge that Uber drivers are expected to have. This is something that you can prepare for by asking already-employed Uber drivers for advice on what you should know for these tests. One way or the other, you will then be tested on knowledge of whatever part of Nigeria you wish to drive in. This knowledge is essential for a good driver.

After these tests, there will be a few more interviews and some onboarding sessions.

STEP 4 – Wait for Uber Background Checks

Uber will typically take between 2 to 4 weeks to perform their background checks. Specifically they will take the documents provided in Step 1, and do the following.

A Comprehensive Criminal Background Check
Check to see if you have a clean driving record (to be sure that your license has never been revoked for any reason).


STEP 5 – Get an Uber Approved Car

It is important to note that Uber has various services which require different types of vehicles. So, you should know which service you are interested in before buying a car (if you do not have one). Some of these major requirements include the fact that the car should be no older than 8 years old (A 2008 Model is the oldest approved model year, as at 2015 for UberX). For a regular Uber X service, the vehicle must seat 4 riders comfortably.

Your car will be rejected if it has major cosmetic damage or it is salvaged (was involved in a major accident and had to be fixed with parts from other vehicles or rebuilt).

STEP 6 – Uber Cell Phone

Once you have completed the preceding steps, you will have an option to receive an Uber-issued cell phone which will have the Uber application installed on it to allow you get Uber passengers. However, if you wish to use your own smartphone, that is perfectly fine.

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