How To Become The President Of Nigeria

The road to becoming a president, especially in Nigeria may be rough and long but nothing makes it impossible. However, you need to consider the following, if you must at least, run for presidency:

1. You Must Be A citizen

This is the most important, because it would make no absolute sense for a foreigner to lead the people of another land. Whoever wants to be president must be a citizen.

2. Join a party

Nobody becomes president of any country without being a member of a political party. One needs the all-round support of the party to make a statement of candidacy to the Nigerian people. So, you join a party, Indicate interest and show leadership.Ensure your party believes in you so much that you are chosen as the flag bearer. It is that ticket you will need to contest for the ultimate position.

3. Have educational qualification

The lowest acceptable educational qualification for Presidency in Nigeria is a secondary school certificate. However, it is expedient you acquire much more than that. It makes you acceptable to the people because they believe you are learned and not just one naive halfwit.

4. Pay tax

If you are found wanting or suspected of withholding what belongs to the state by not paying your tax, your presidential aspirations may be as good as over. So, you must also have been faithful in the payment of tax as the investigative flashlight will surely be beamed at your financial records.

5. Choose a vice president

The choice of the vice President has nothing to do with any other individual but you running for presidency. However, the person must be a member of the political party which you are representing.

6. Be legally free

Make sure you’ve had no convictions of any kind, no present legal issues that may distract or truncate your drive for presidency.

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