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How To Become Western Union Agent In Nigeria


The Western Union Company is an independent, publicly traded American financial services and communications company.

To become an agent in Nigeria, follow the steps below:

Own your own business: A prospective Western Union agent must own his own independent retail business, which is then deemed eligible to become a qualified Western Union location.

Acquire the necessary equipment: Every Western Union agent must have certain basic office equipment and internet service in order to conduct financial transactions. The basic equipment required for Western Union transactions includes: a working computer, a reliable internet connection and a working printer.

Complete Required Application: If you meet all of the business requirements, you may be eligible to become a Western Union agent. To confirm your eligibility, you’ll need to complete an online application, which will then be reviewed by Western Union. If you have any questions about the application process, you can also call Western Union’s customer service line at 1-800-325-6000.

Receive job training and software: If your application to become a Western Union agent is approved, you will receive a free starter pack from Western Union. This starter pack includes all the necessary training information you’ll need to begin making transactions, as well as marketing/promotional materials to advertise your new services to the public. You will also receive the necessary software to install on your computer so that you can begin making transactions at your business.

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Participate in anti-money laundering training: This training is geared towards educating you as a new agent and to protect your business from any potential money laundering allegations in the future.

Get your license: All money transfer services are required to have proper licensing, though the nature of this licensing may vary by location. Since Western Union has a world-wide network of money transfer agents, there is no single process that applies to all agents. However, Western Union facilitates all of the necessary licensing for their agents.

Enroll in Western Unions Agent Portal: The Agent Portal is Western Union’s online resource for agents around the world. It’s free to enroll in the AgentPortal, and being enrolled will make it easier for you to order supplies, access training and fraud-prevention information, report your money transfers, and access customer service assistance.

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To enroll, simply go to the Western Union Agent Portal website by clicking Here Then fill out your name, contact information, agent account number, and operator ID number.

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