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How To Check Nigerian Marriage Certificate Online


Despite the differences in types of wedding ceremonies, one common trait of each one is getting the marriage certificate. To get it the couple has to go through the a few bureaucratic red tapes.

According to ‘Marriage Act’ (1990), there are two Federal Marriage Registries in Abuja and Lagos, and plenty of other local ones. So, you can choose one in your state and address it appropriately. When you visit the local Registry Office the next thing you need to do is write a declaration of marriage.

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A registrar provides you with a special form (Form A) to fill in. It requires to jot down all the personal data: name, age, address, occupation, marital status, parents written consent (if you are under 21) and signature. You will need to file two passport photographs. After that, your notice will be analyzed thoroughly and posted on the door of the Registry Office. It takes 21 days overall.

The official makes an entry of your declaration to the Marriage Notice Book. After that, the lovebirds have to cough up and pay the Prescribed Fee. The sum differs in regions but the cost is no more than N25,000.

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  1. Since 2019 I’ve got married, and they gave me Online Marriage Registered Access Card, since then, I’ve been try to use it till now. They didn’t give me any reply that I’ve been registerd

  2. Dear Registrar good morning, pls I’m applying for CTC, the Original copy was list dew to fire outbreak.


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