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How To Invest In MTN Nigeria Stock on the NSE


How to be a shareholder with MTN Nigeria.

MTN Nigeria Communication Plc successfully floated its shares on the Nigeria stock exchange market yesterday Thursday 15th MayThis was part of its partial float and makes it the second largest listed company in Nigeria.

The share has a unit price of N90/per share and started trading around 2.14 PM on Thursday, only 16 minutes before the market closed for the day.

MTN stocks provide an amazing investment opportunity for anyone who wishes to invest. With revenue of 282 billion naira in the first quarter and having solidified its place as Nigeria topmost communication giant, putting your money in MTN stock would be a good investment according to analysts.

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To invest and be a shareholder of MTN Nigeria stocks,follow this guidelines;

1. Open An Account With A Stockbroker

A stockbroker is your access to the market. They are licensed to trade share and other instruments like commodities, indices and currencies. Typically, you will need millions to invest in stocks, but the stockbroker buys in large quantity and allows individuals open mini trading accounts with little capital.

This is the list of all licensed stockbrokers by the Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC). Active , defunct and dormant.

Choose a stockbroker that will suit you. Check for their charges and features. Most brokers have apps that allow you trade on your phone; some have various other tools that aid your trading. Choose the one that suits your trading style.

The requirement for opening an account is no different from those you need to open a bank account.

2. Fund your account

After opening your account, you need to fund it to be able to place order for shares. The MTN Nigeria share has a price of N90/share, so you have to furnish your account with enough funds to purchase as much shares as you want. You can chat up your broker to know of any charges and make enquiries if you are confused.

3. Place your orders

The final step of the process is to place your orders. As stated earlier, most stockbrokers have online platforms where you can easily place your orders. However, if you find it difficult getting through with it, then simply email your broker to place the orders for you.

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Note that each stock broker has a minimum number of shares you can buy. Some allow as low 5,000, 10,000, and upwards.

MTN Nigeria stock as at the time of writing this report is among the top 10 listings that are being massively acquired, make you due calculations and risk analysis before you decide to buy and not to buy.

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