How To Join Nigeria Efcc

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To join the EFCC, below are the requirements you must meet before applying for any vacancy. They include:

  • The candidate must not be more than 27 years old
  • The candidate must be single
  • Height (Minimum Male: 1.67 m; Female: 1.64 m)
  • The candidate must have Body Mass Index (BMI) OF NOT MORE THAN 30. (Not obese)
  • Chest Measurement (Not less than 34 inches for males)
  • Must have a good hearing, good eye-sight and sound mind (This is for the purpose of weapon handling and other law enforcement gadgets)
  • No recent medical surgery, no respiratory ailments or life threatening illnesses that can cause harm to the cadet and others during training
  • No tattoos of any form
  • Must not have any criminal record
  • No membership of any cult or terrorist group
  • Must not be a user or dependent on any illicit substance or recreational drugs  (Strict penalties will be applied to any candidate/cadet who is caught during Medical Screening/Random Testing)

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