How To Join Nigerian Youth Parliament

The Nigerian Youth Parliament is on the mission to create a platform for developing and empowering our Youth to fully realize their potentials to compete favorably with Youths in other democratic Nations of the world.

The Nigerian Youth Parliament works with the following objectives:

1) To prepare the Youth for participation in the process of decision making especially in matters affecting them

2) To inculcate in the Youth leadership qualities for good governance and public administration.

3) To equip the Youth adequately for future challenges in the process of interaction with their environment and world at large. etc.

To Join, visit the official website @, or go through the information below:


  • HB 44, House of Representatives, National Assembly, Abuja, Nigeria.
  • Room 2.3 senate White house
  • PHONE NUMBERS : +234 -(0)-8065140946



You can also contact any of the parliament members by typing :

  • ,
  • example:

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