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How To Join Record Label In Nigeria


“A record label according to Wikipedia, is a publishing company that manages brands and trademarks, coordinates the production, manufacture, distribution , marketing, promotion, and enforcement of copyright for sound recordings and music videos”

Getting a record label deal is the ultimate dream of an upcoming music artist.

To Get Signed To A Record Label In Nigeria, you need the following information below:

1. CREATE A BRAND FOR YOURSELF: In the music industry, presence matters a lot. Remember, every business man or woman will want to invest in a fertile ground. Seeing they say is believing. They have to see something that will convince them to invest in you. They will only associate with you when they feel you are already successful. Locate a branding and packaging company that can help you in building a brand for yourself. Customize your wardrobe, have a website, etc.

2. WORK ON YOURSELF/SONG: You have to ensure that your song is good, and acceptable. Get a very good production for your song. Listen to songs of top musicians and compare with yours, then fill the missing link.

3. LET THE WORLD KNOW ABOUT IT: To minimize cost as an upcoming artiste I advise you to make use of the new media (Internet, social media) create a buzz around you. Have a facebook fan page, twitter /youtube account and increase your fanbase.

Then you will attract the best record deal.

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