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How To Pay Canada Visa Fee In Nigeria


Is it true that you are going to movement to Canada and you are paying special mind to things you have to know with respect to their visa utilization of which the amount it cost is a key piece of what you need to know? Read on, this page has been particularly composed to talk about the Canadian visa expense in Nigeria.

Canada is one of the three nations that makes up the center North America, the other two being the United States of America and Mexico. Aside these 3, different nations are additionally part of North America, for example, the Cuba and it loves. The capital of Canada is in Ottawa and it is the home to the well known Niagara Falls.

Other real urban communities in Canada incorporates Toronto, Quebec City and Montreal. Canada having a nearness with the United States and furthermore having comparable attributes to a degree, it has turned out to be one of the go-to places for individuals of different nations, Nigeria comprehensive.

Canadian Visa Application Fee In Nigeria

The Canadian visa is issued by the Canadian Embassy and the application expenses relies upon the sort of visa you are applying for. Kinds of Canadian visa incorporates guest’s visa, ponder allow, work allow, and so on.

By and large, paying little mind to the kind of visa you are applying, your biometric information must be caught and this have it taken a toll. For a man, it cost about $85 and for a family, the cost is put at $170.

Guest’s visa expense

Guest visa (counting super visa): $100

Guest visa (group of 5): $500

Understudy visa (work allow) expense

Study allow (counting augmentation): $150

Reestablish your status: $200

For others

By and large, there are other sort of visa and every accompany it particular rules and expenses. On a general note, check the beneath breakdown.

Visa application barring lasting home charge: $550

Preparing charge and right of changeless living arrangement expense: $1040

Your accomplice/life partner without perpetual habitation expense: $550

Counting a needy tyke: $150

To what extent Does It Takes For Canadian Visa Application To Be Processed?

While the Canadian international safe haven will reveal to you it takes around 34 days, take it with a squeeze of salt, this is Nigeria. the visa preparing time is for the most part between 3 to four months.

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