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How To Pay Company Tax In Nigeria


Companies are mandated by law to pay Company Income Tax (CIT) in Nigeria based on the profit. The amount charged is 30% o the profit earned in the year preceding assessment.

Companies resident in Nigeria are liable for CIT on their worldwide income and non-resident companies are liable only to CIT on their Nigerian-source income.

However, when there is an investment income paid by a Nigerian resident to a non-resident and was sourced in Nigeria is subject to withholding tax at source and this serves as the final tax paid.

For cases of non-resident companies with a fixed base in Nigeria, their business profit is taxable based on the profit attributed to the fixed base.

  • Taxpayers must be registered with relevant Tax Office nearest to them and obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN).
  • Taxpayers should render appropriate tax returns.
  • Taxpayers should obtain Assessment and Demand Notices where applicable.
  • Taxpayers should remit all taxes to the approved collecting Banks in the various forms so designed for such purposes and obtain an Electronic Ticket (e-ticket).
  • Taxpayers should present the e-ticket for the issuance of FIRS official receipts.
  • Taxpayers can now process their Tax Clearance Certificate accordingly.


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