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How To Pay Income Tax In Nigeria


The legal basis for this tax ( PERSONAL INCOME TAX) is found in the provisions of the Personal Income Tax Decree [now Act]. 104 of 1993.

Every taxpayer in Nigeria is liable to pay tax on the aggregate amount of his income whether derived from within or outside Nigeria, the salaries, wages, fees, allowances, and other gains or benefits, given or granted to an employee are chargeable to tax. The Employers of labor are deemed to be agents of the tax authority for the purposes of remitting taxes deducted from salaries due to employees.

However residency of the Taxpayer determines the extent of a taxpayer’s liability in Nigeria. A person’s place of residence for this purpose is defined as a place available for his domestic use in Nigeria on a relevant day, excluding hotels and rest houses. A person is deemed resident in Nigeria if he resides in Nigeria for 183 days in any 12-month period, expatriates holding residence permits are liable to tax in Nigeria even if they reside in the country for less than 183days in any 12-month period. Once residence can be established, the relevant tax authority of the territory is the tax Authority in which the taxpayer has his place of residence or principal place of business.

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