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How To Start A Fresh Juice Business In Nigeria


#1. Choose a specialty for your juice business.

What type of fruit do you want to sell its juice? Alternatively, what kind of juice do you want to sell. You might choose to sell juice smoothies.

#2. Write a business plan

Your business plan should have information about your specialty; three-year income, out come and gain projections. You should also have your marketing and PR strategies.  If you are taking a loan, it should also contain your loan repayment plan.

#3. Make recipes

Make flavours for your juices be very creative with them. Variety they say is the spice of life. To have more customers you have to give them creative variety.

#4. Register Your Business.

First, you will have to register with Cooperate Affairs Commission (CAC). Then you products will need NAFDAC approval since it is a consumable. You might also need the certification of other health bodies. Just ensure you are aware of all the licenses you need to get, and that you get them.

#6 Get Suppliers

you need to make arrangements on how to get your raw materials. Maybe through an intermediary, or you could contact farmers directly.

#7. Secure Your Market Venues

This is self-explanatory, where do you want to sell your juice, shops and malls usually are the best. You can also find out other places.

#8. Get your equipment.

Everything you need make sure you buy in large quantities. From industrial grade juicers, etc. they are always cheaper when bought in bulk.

#9 Market Your Business

Create adverts on local media outlets, sponsor a health/fitness event. Have a website or open social media accounts.

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