How To Start A Video Game Business In Nigeria

Since 1947, video games have survived the tests of time to become part of day to day life. In fact, many people simple can’t do without it. Its ability to get people addicted has created business opportunity.

Every young teen or youth between the ages of 14-22years old knows what a video game is in Nigeria. Halls established as computer video game business centers testify to the fact that it is a viable means of livelihood. So, how do you go about the start of a video game business in Nigeria?

Video games Business Plan is a lucrative business that needs a lot of strategic Planning to start and a business coach to help you start the Implementation.

How Profitable Is This Business?

The games sessions last for about 10mins. It can either be played as a single player or a multi player. Each player pays at least N50 for a session of 10 minutes, and if you want to play additional game you will have to pay for another session.

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It means for every one hour you make about N300 (if its only a single player) to N600 (if it is a double player) just on a single game, then do the math for three or four video games.

The traffic maybe very low as from 8 AM to 1 PM week days because majority of the youths which are the main age group that patronize video game store will be off to school, except on weekends or holidays.

But as from 2pm to 8pm the traffic is usually very high as this is the rush hour, because by then most schools must have been through with lectures. By that time when you get to the game store you have to wait for your turn before you can play, as all the video games will be occupiedby players.

Imagine you have three games and your rush hour last for about six hours, it means you will be making over N6,000 within that six hours, that is, one video game gives you N240 per hour, and in six hours that will be N1,800 just for one video game. Then you do the math then, if your video game store is in a busy location teeming with age group between 12-30 years of age (mostly primary, secondary and tertiary institution students), and you have about two to three Video games and you operate it from morning to evening, even during weekends, I tell you, you will be making loads of money there.

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You might look at N50 per game as a small money, but when it is coming at a high velocity, it will no longer be a small money then. With a good saving mentality, at the end of three months you will be talking about a high turnover in your bank account. It is a cool way to make money.

You don’t need to buy games CDs
you can alway go online to download the latest game versions for free with a flash drive and you can play then directly from your flash drive without being worried of changing your Video game lens every now and then.

The major challenge in this business is that you need power to run it and power is not all that constant here, but with a good generator set, you can solve the power problem.

When you are considering a location for this business, you first have to answer this question.
Who are the people or the age group that mostly patronize a video games store?

They are the youths, age group 12 to 30 (mostly primary school,
secondary school and tertiary institution students).
So your business will do better when you site it in a place that has a high population of this age group, e.g places close to a higher
institution with lots of external (off campus) hostels, and other busy towns or streets.


1. Playstation and X-box.
Playstation 2 fairly use is about N12,000 and a brand new one goes for like N25,000. You can make do with a fairly use.
If you don’t have capital for X-box yet, you can start with PS-2 then
as your business begins to grow then you can add more video games to your collections.

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2. 21 inches colour Television.
Fairly use will go for about N10,000,while brand new will go for as much as N25,000. You can make do with fairly use for a start.

3. Chairs and Table
You can ask a carpenter to prepare a cabinet-like table for you that you can keep your TV and your games. If you can’t afford white chairs, you can still ask a carpenter to prepare long benches for your customers to sit on.

4. Generator set
Small Generator set ”I better pass my neighbour” cost about N13,000.

5. Sound system (Optional).
This is optional but if you can provide music system for your
customers it will go a long way to make your video game store appear cool and relaxing. This might give you an edge over your competitors.

Once you start, use flyers and words of mouth to advertise your business.

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