How To Start An Eatery In Nigeria

How to Start Eatery Business in Nigeria

Call it eatery business or call it restaurant business, it one and the same thing. Everyone wants to east, irrespective of social class or gender. It doesn’t matter where the money come comes from, as far as survival is concerned, anything is worth sacrificing for food. So, based on this, you can agree with me that start eatery business in Nigeria today is just another step into prosperity.

Do you know you can make a profit of between N200,000 to N700,000-naira a month from eatery business in Nigeria? Most shops make between gains ranging between N10,000 and N50,000 a daily basis. But that is when considering food peddlers. What about organized eateries?

Consider Food Affairs, Apples, Mr. Biggs, or Oliver Twest. These folks make reasonable income on a daily basis.

The beauty of starting eatery business in Nigeria is that it doesn’t necessarily require so much startup capital. You can start with as low as N50, 000 and if planned and run well, you could be raking in millions of Naira within a very short time.

So, what do you need to start a good eatery business in Nigeria? We shall find out soon in the following sections.

Basic Requirements And Preparations For Starting A Good Eatery Business In Nigeria

Market Survey

Market survey is the first thing to do before launching out. This would help you tp meet up the required standards. Go out and bring out forms for people to fill them for you on what they are looking for in a restaurant which they hardly find and how costly they are in places located, know their suggestions, note their complaints and work on it. By making survey you will be able to know which pattern of dishes are in vogue so as to be able to adjust, survey could be done either online of offline. Where you can use internet to make your survey move fast.

Feasibility Study

Conducting proper feasibility will enable your business to move at a quicker pace. A good knowledge of how a restaurant business could be effectively run is akin to your business success. You should always be keen enough to leverage on others’ experience in the business. Study available restaurants and things like location, road network, power supply, economic and social problems etc.

Proper Preparations Prevent Poor Performance. Ascertain what works and does not work in your proposed business site.

Get Proper Training

Good knowledge of restaurant business modus operandi is required for smooth running of this business. So, you must possess required technical skills in meal preparations, catering and packaging. People from good catering schools or matrons from boarding homes can best fit into this kind of business. offering your customers delicious meals means more future patronage. The reverse of course, is the case if you fail in this aspect.

Employing of a Good Cook

In the circumstance where you can’t or won’t do the cooking by yourself, consider employing a good cook. These should not be lazy folks, but hardworking and dedicated staff. business. Variety of course, is the spice of life and many hands cooking different meals can only help you achieve that. You would be able to serve diverse kinds of meals to your customers’ delights.


You require good capital to run a successful eatery business. This will cater for things like renting of space, purchase of tools and equipment, kitchen utensils, sound systems – if necessary, decoration, miscellaneous and logistics.

Sufficient capital is required prior to kickoff. You can obtain banks loans, or hit cooperative societies for funding. You can equally get funding from personal savings, friends and relatives. Chose the option that suits you best.

Rent a Space

Consider citing your restaurant close to business environment such as offices and administrative areas. In fact, for faster patronage, opt for busy areas with much population and activities. Your business premises must be nice, hygienic and decent to attract good quality customers. Irrespective of how delicious your meals may be, a poorly sited eatery business will always result to poor sales.

Be on the look for accommodable space that will contain your customers and equipment. It could be a good market strategy to have canopies in case you have an overflow of customers. This can help during emergency situations and for future logistics.


Plan your eatery business to be good and to be heard. Advertisement in eatery business is a must. Though this may not be too pronounced, yet it is needful. Reason is that once your meals are delicious and environment conducive, the business will be the one advertising itself without much efforts.

Attitude is Everything

bad manners and poor customer etiquette have a way of repelling clients. It leads to poverty and kills business faster. Being overstrict is akin to driving your customers away. Same goes with the use of abusive words and foul language on customers and visitors. This point is cardinal because of the attitudes of most eatery business operators.

Give Incentives

giving of juicy incentives and regular promos would go a long way in reinforcing customer loyalty. This can be by way of “Buy Two Plates Get One Free”, “Buy 2 Packs of Snacks and Get One Free” etc.

this can come handy during festive seasons, Valentine’s day or Independence Day, or even on your business birthday. It is an effective killer strategy you should consider as you plan to start a eatery business. Even if you own one before, I guess you did not know of this yet.

It is also good practice to have a standby security personnel to open and close doors for customers and also cheerfully bid them farewell. This leaves customers happy and feeling at home. The presence of security personnel gives your customers that assurance that your location is safe.


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