How To Start Beekeeping In Nigeria

1). Get Bee farming Training

2) Get Bee Farming Business Plan:

The first and most important step when starting bee farming in Nigeria is getting trained and creating a business plan.

Just like no general goes to war without knowing the art of war himself; unless of course, he wants to fail, the same applies to bee keeping.

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Creating a business plan will help you achieve success where others without a business plan fail.

Moreover, you need to get the required training from bee keeping experts before you venture into the business.

While online guides and YouTube videos might give you a head start, nothing beats a hands-on training you will get at a reputable bee farm.

You will need to learn how to keep bees, where to site them, and how to protect yourself from them.  Therefore, after acquiring the training should you write a business plan.

While writing the plan, you need to know how much capital would be required for the business and then calculate how much profit would be earned from the business, plus, how to generate the required capital.

Additionally, your beekeeping marketing strategies should also be spelt out win your business plan. Without advertising, there’s little or no chance of making profit.

3). Get Capital,

4) Get Equipment & Location

After acquiring knowledge and creating a business plan, the next step is getting the required capital, location and equipment for your bee keeping business.

As mentioned earlier, you can either lease a land, or partner with farmers who have fruit trees in their farm lands.

Your apiary must be in best conditions so can you can have a good return on investment. One major tip for locating your apiary is: never site your apiary in a noisy or crowded place.

And steer clear of swampy areas or places where insecticides are applied. After securing a suitable location, the next step is to choose the types of bees you want to keep and buy the necessary equipment (preferably new ones).

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