How To Start Cassava Farming In Nigeria

See How To Start Cassava Farming In Nigeria Below…

1. Select Site For Your Cassava Farming

For Cassava plantation, it is important to choose an accessible well-drained fertile soil. You can take sample of the soil where you want to start your cassava farming to the IITA to help determine whether the soil is suitable for high yield cassava variety.

While most forest lands within the South West are known to be very fertile for cassava farming, it is important to further verify in other to be sure of your investment.

2. Decide On Cassava Varieties

For good cassava production, the following varieties are recommended for their high yield and processing quality: TMS 30572, NR 8082, NR8083, TMS 4(2) 1425, TMS 81/00110, TMS 92/0326. An additional 10 varieties are in the process of being released. Check from the cassava production specialists in Ibadan

3. Land Preparation And Planting

A total herbicide – Round up (a glyphosate) should be applied to the land where you want to plant your cassava at the rate of 4–5 l/ha 10 days before land preparation. For cost effectiveness and optimum plant population of your cassava , mechanization and planting on ridges are recommended.

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