How To Start Daycare In Nigeria

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Recently, I wrote a detailed article on how to run a detailed feasibility study. Planning is a prerequisite for success and as thus, shouldn’t be overlooked. Before you start a daycare business, make sure you plan every process before venturing. You have to find out how many babies are around your environs, get an estimate that will help you know how big your target market is. A good feasibility study should help you to;

  • Determine your target market
  • Know the equipment needed to run the business
  • How to effectively promote the business
  • The total cost required to start the business
  • How lucrative the business is etc..


This is a location base business and that means you have to be careful when choosing a site. If your finance isn’t enough, then you can perfectly run this business from home. All you need to make this work is making sure all the toys and gadgets are provided. If you’re going to do this business from home, make sure your resident isn’t too far away from potential market or you may be heading to oblivion.


Creche or daycare business is usually monitored by the government against Child Abuse, trafficking etc. This is why your daycare business must be approved by the Ministry Of Women Affairs here in Nigeria. This ministry will also from time to time, come to supervise your business to make sure you’re doing a great job. If contrary is the case, you business will be shut down immediately. Visit any secretariat in your state to get a license. Likely, you’ll pay a fee which is usually renewed every year if you wish to continue with this business. More protocols might be required of you before you can fully be approved. This however depends on your state. That’s why you need to pay the Ministry Of Women Affairs a visit or better yet, get a daycare consultant to guide you.


When looking for staff, go for individuals who are very patient and emphatic; individuals who have a natural energy for children. This will help for the smooth running of the business. They must also have the growth and reputation of the business in mind. I usually recommend employing an experienced nanny or nurse cause they are the perfect candidate for this job. Training them further in the use of first aid might someday be a useful skill in case of an accident.. Whatever happens, strive to keep your reputation cause that’s what will keep you in business.


A crèche or daycare center is not all about patting a baby or putting them to sleep. This is the place where the primary foundation is laid; where you help sensitize their mind to learning. At a young age, children are very sharp when it comes to learning cause the neuron pathways in their brain is very much active. Develop an educational curriculum that will help the kids intellectually. When the mother see a difference in their child, they will recommend your center thereby bringing in more customers.

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