How To Start Diaper Business In Nigeria

See How To Start Diaper Business In Nigeria Below….

1. Import The Product Yourself

If you want to make a good profit from this business, consider importing the goods yourself. This will help you sell at a cheaper rate than your rivals.

There are a lot of manufacturers online, from whom you can order your product and they are willing to ship it down to you at an affordable shipping rate. Some may offer free shipping to your destination.

2. Decide on your Customer Base

Choosing your customer base, you should bear in mind the kind of people you want to sell your products to. Your customer base determines the product category and the method you intend to use to get your product across to your customer.

You should consider supplying directly to busy, working moms in their offices or to retailers. You can also consider a door to door delivery service to stay at home moms.

3. Decide on a Reliable Producer or Supplier:

To sell at cheap and discounted prices to your customer, you should decide on a supplier close by you. Make your research and find out where you can buy your quality and affordable diapers. Alternatively, you can buy directly from the manufacturer in your location or look for a good manufacturer online and make your order.

4. Choose the Brands that Move Fast:

As I earlier on pointed out, your customer base will determine the brand you should sell. Meanwhile, make a research a find out the brands that moves faster in the market. Brands of diapers in high demand include; Pampers, Doctor Brown’s, Huggies, Toujours and Tescos, Johnsons diapers, Soft Care, Phoenix, and a whole lot of others.

5. Device and Aggressive marketing Strategy:

Nowadays, people find the customers online, while some are around your neighborhood. To sell your diapers, you can decide to do a door-to-door marking in your neighborhood, church or community councils.

You can use various marketing online tools to market your products, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Jiji, etc.

You can also create a website where you can showcase your various brands for customers to make a selection. Home delivery is a very important customer satisfaction strategy in online selling.

6. How to Grow and remain in the business

Starting a business is one thing, growing and remaining there is another thing. If you start with as little as N15000, you can spend N10,000 on two or three cartoons and spend the remaining on marketing and transportation. After sales, profit is usually about 40% of cost price.

You can then plow back and buy larger quantities. While in business, never relent in meeting your customers’ demand.

Ensure you do not compromise in good quality and always make sure you sell at a moderately cheaper price than your rivals. Finally, keep on advertising, the more you advertise, the more you increase your customer base.

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