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How To Start Diesel Business In Nigeria


See How To Start Diesel Business In Nigeria Below…

1. Register your Business – You need to Register your business either as a Business Name or Private Limited Company.Registration is very important in your business.

Some companies may not want to deal with non traceable individual. If you don’t have a registered company, you may loose out from their deals.

When your company is registered and with a permanent office, people feel more relaxed to do business with you because they know a place they can fall back to should they need to contact you physically at anytime. That is very very important in business.

Again, you have a place you refer people back to when negotiating a deal, something like – My company is Dandy Oil and Gas Ltd. Our office is at No. 123 Ahmadu Bello Way. Then people know you are serious in business. It cost about N50,000 to register a Private Limited Liability Company with the Corporate Affairs Commission.

2. Invest in Brand Equity
 – This is really not official requirement but very necessary if you hope to Stay Ahead of Competition in your business. Your name do not make much impression as your brand, it is the brand that people get attached to in any business. When you think of MTN what immediately flashed into your mind is the Yellow square logo – Isn’t it?

In this part of the world, people tend to look down on branding while some do it very poorly. Branding is even more important than the business itself, good branding will go a long way to lift your business.

Get professional Graphic artists and brand experts to work on your company’s brand. Let them design professional logo for you and other things like your company letter head, business cards and stationary. Open a corporate account with your registered company’s name, etc. These are very very important in any business too.

The importance of these in your Diesel supply business is that when you present business proposal to your would be clients, every thing will look professional and that helps make very good first impression which is vital for winning contracts.

3. Purchase your Truck –  You can always rent one from haulage companies. However, buying yours is more beneficial and cost effective at the long run. A good truck/ trailer head from Germany or anywhere from Europe cost about 9Million Naira. If you can’t get one, go for hire while you save money and buy later

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