How To Start Distribution Business In Nigeria

See How To Start Distribution Business In Nigeria Below….

1. Create A Business Plan

Outline a distribution process that will define your business pla. If you are distributing an already existing product, draw a pattern of competition. Those who have been there before you may have amassed a lot of influence, therefore, figure a way to fit into the system. Basically doing something different from what people are used to, (Using a different approach) will help.

2. Raise Fund

If you have the best distribution business plan there have ever been, and don’t have the money to execute it. It is as good as not having at all. Therefore, raise the fund you need to implement every of your plan.

3. Name Registration

When you have made up your mind on what product to distribute, make a name registration. It is ideal in furthering your business. And most company may require that their distributors have a registered business.

4. Partner With A Manufacturer

Your source of supply must be a manufacturer of the product. First of all, you need to work out terms and conditions of your business relationship. That applies more when you are not importing the product. Overseas partnership takes more time than what is obtainable in ones country.

Local manufacturers may have less requirement to partner with you. While the story may all be different overseas.

5. Rent A Warehouse

You will need a big place to hold your goods. In fact, it is a starting point of your distribution career. A base, where you can be located by your customers is one of the most important aspects of your distribution endeavor.

6. Get Distribution Tools

Since your job as a distributor is to move needed products from one place to the other, you don’t have to wait for people to come looking for you. Get vehicles, motorbikes, any distribution machine that fits your goods and services. Retailers are always happy when goods and service are delivered to their door post.

7. Promote Your Services

Taking the above steps does not mean that you don’t need to go further. It is therefore, necessary that you promote your services. Make the sacrifices, give incentives to retailers, and do a follow up.

It may require you running ads, Radio or T V. Just know where your niche could be found, and what would appeal to them. Use it to find them.

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