How To Start Drink Business In Nigeria

See How To Start Drink Business In Nigeria Below…

1. Business Registration

Being registered as a company with the CAC is a crucial requirement to obtain the status of a Coca cola distributor/depot, where your supply will be coming directly from the bottling companies with the familiar long red painted trucks off loading in front of the depot.

2. The Space of the Depot

Adjoining multiple small shops won’t cut it, you need a very big space preferably one that is specifically built for the purpose of storage of the drinks. It should have a parking area that could accommodate at least one long truck or two small ones and enough space in front of the storage facility/store for the movement of workers when hauling crates to and fro.

Minimum space requirement for the store is 104 meter cube in volume, that is about a 16 meters long and 3 meters wide building excluding the front space and parking area. Just enough to collect the contents of one long coca cola truck.

3. Handling of Crates

This is a very delicate exercise as you do not want broken bottles because one has to pay again to obtain new ones.

4. Handing of Receipts

Selling anything in large quantities might solicit a request for a receipt because sometimes the buyers are from big corporations and everything has to be accounted for. Make sure you make a provision for a receipt booklet by contacting a printer to do print that for you.

5. List of Required Items

The major things really to consider are the space for the store and the drinks, whereby for first time buyers as mentioned earlier you have to buy crate, bottle and the liquid drink, and of course you will need a generator for lighting. While we are still on the subject of drinks don’t forget you are getting different crate sizes and different drink types, like canned drinks, 35cl bottles, 50cl bottles, etc.

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