How To Start Driving School In Nigeria

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1. Driving School Business Plan

Even if you are an expert driver, your first step is to take a course of instructions from a successful car driving school so that you will learn the teaching system of a car driving school, charges, and equipment required in the trainings.
In addition to a car, you will need a space. If you have enough room in your compound then fine, if not, you may need to either get your own space or join a driving school community of trainers usually found together in one place (advisable if you plan on using one car).

The biggest advantage of joining a driving school hub of trainers is that you will likely get more customers as a beginner because of the name that area has created for itself as a venue for driving lessons.
The biggest disadvantage on the other hand, is that you will not make a name for your own company since you all would be under one committee. If you can get more than one car and employ instructors, then you should create your own space and your own car driving training school.

You would also need to check with your local government if there is a special license required to operate such a school and what you need to do to obtain the license.

Once you have the necessary training equipment, the next step is to advertise. You can use the classified pages of a popular newspaper in your area. You must include your phone number in your adverts so people can contact you to make enquiries. Also, try to keep your phone on at all times and receive calls with kindness because this business grows via word of mouth, if you say rude things to customers, they will not recommend your school to their friends.

2. Potential Revenue and Profit in Driving Schools

How much you make depends on your scale of operation whether you have one, two or a dozen cars.
In many places, the price for a course of driving instructions runs between N9000 and N20,000. You may charge N300 or N500 per hour for car owners who visit once in a while to take notes.
For example, a certain driving school charges N8,500 for a complete set of instructions divided between 10 lessons of theory and 15 practical driving lessons. In addition, they get a registration fee of N200 from all applicants. And these rates may go up as the cost of petrol rises.

As you acquire additional cars, you could employ your own instructors and pay them from the students they teach. It is quite possible that an auto driving school can net the owner about N50,000 a month depending on how many cars you own.


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