How To Start Egg Business In Nigeria

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Egg delivery business entails more of mobility. If it’s lacking, the business might turn out to be a nightmare. If you can afford to get a van, then go ahead. But if it seem out of reach, hiring a delivery van might be a god alternative. Or better yet, go for a motorcycle which is cheaper than getting a delivery van.

The main reason you need your own transport is because, most shop owners might feel reluctant to go directly to the farm for eggs. If you can solve that problem by delivering directly to the shop, then you won’t suffer from competition. They will always call when they need more supply.


This will help create awareness about your products. Issuing this card to your potential customers is a good way to help them patronize your product. You never can tell who else might get in contact with that card. One card can get to more than one individuals. That’s why you must have a professional looking business card, with your contact details clearly printed. If you have an e-commerce website, including it in your card will be a another way to help them order directly from your website.


As long as egg is concerned, its target market is large and demand is always on the increase. The good thing is, there are many outlets where you can market your product. Places like restaurants, hotels, canteens, open markets etc. Get in touch and offer to be their egg supplier with mouth-watering benefits attached. Remember, you need to build your customer base. You have to use any strategy up your sleeve to make that happen.

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