How To Start Event Planning In Nigeria

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  • Start an Event Planning Business – Have you been daydreaming of becoming an event manager in Nigeria? Dream no more! After reading this chapter, you will be well on your way to becoming one. The event planning business is highly profitable and can be started with no or relatively low capital.  This is because event planning is a “networking” oriented activity (I will explain later).


Before I let you in on how to kick start your own event planning business, let me take a moment to say that event planners help their customers plan and coordinate events. These events can range from wedding or family gatherings to corporate events, retreats or seminars. Event planners manage the details so the customer does not need to bother himself. So “people skills, time management and the ability to work under pressure” are qualities that anyone who wants to venture into the event planning business must have.

Here are the basic steps to consider when starting an event planning business.

  • Get Experience

Work for a reputable event planning business. I suggest you take 6 months to one year to learn the intricacies of the business. Because as an event manager, you ought to have a good knowledge in everything related to event management; event decoration, sound management, catering, security, Emcee (MC), etc. Getting certified and learning an additional skill like event decoration is a plus for you.

  • Set-up Service Supply Partnerships. 

Forge partnerships with all service providers in the event industry. These service providers include decorators, DJs, caterers, MCs, furniture /car rentals, event places /hotels, photographers, escort/ushering services etc. Enter into long term business partnerships with these service providers so that in exchange for regular business you bring to them, they will give you price discounts. Therefore helping you keep expenses low. These businesses cannot be overlooked. Without them, you have no event services business, unless you plan to incorporate all these services as you start your event planning business. I strongly advise you don’t do that at the initial stages of your business.

  • Determine Your Event Planning Niche. 

As there are various kinds of events (e.g. carnivals, weddings, shows, corporate events, seminars, fairs, exhibitions, birthdays, festivals, burials etc) decide on the kind of events your business will handle for a start. Do not think you will be able to organize all types of events because their planning and execution differ immensely. Start with handling one or two types of events and grow from there.

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