How To Start Layers Poultry In Nigeria

See Below How To Start Layers Poultry In Nigeria

For this situation you need to choose those breeds which are reasonable for your layer poultry cultivating business and can deliver well in your general vicinity.

The regular types of chickens in Nigeria are Isa Brown, Arbor Acres, Marshall, Ross, Kuroilers, White Cockerel, and Black cockerel. Continuously get some information about the breed you are purchasing and also the characteristic of the breed.

For business eggs creation, read beneath before choosing your breed; *Choose profoundly profitable laying hens accurately.

All kind of hens don’t create meet quantities of eggs.

The picked breeds must have great creation capacity.

On the off chance that your picked breed contains the coveted trademark and have a notoriety for egg creation, at that point that breed is appropriate for your business.

To set up a layer cultivate, the accompanying advances must be taken;


The lodging framework is imperative for raising layers and powerful keeping and administration. As another individual to Livestock business, you would prefer not to put all your capital into purchasing lands in a urban zone which may turn out not being utilized on the grounds that administration approach is against setting up poultry cultivate close private/urban territories for wellbeing suggestion.

Battery confines are the best lodging confines for laying flying creatures since it makes solace and steadiness for them.

Set-Up Capital

Because of an area, you now have clearer thought of the capital expected of you. Record your point by point capital and speculation necessities for your poultry cultivating in Nigeria wander and set out to hotspot for it.

Like each other cultivating ventures, the greater you intend to begin, the greater speculation required. You have to settle on the level of capital venture you will focus on this business before beginning.

Get Chicks

Search for good Hatchery where you can get sound day old chicks to begin with.

Encourages and Water Management

You can purchase encourage from your neighborhood market or make the sustain at your own home. You can simply ensure the one purchased or made is advanced with protein and mineral which are exceptionally basic for laying hens.

Give them no less than 2% calcium for 2weeks after birth

Nourish them with starter encourage for 8weeks

Serve them a few times every day till they are 18weeks old

Serve them layer poultry nourish as per their age and weight

Try not to diminish their nourish while laying (regardless of whether their weight increment)

Give satisfactory water as per the request of your laying hens (supply cool water amid sweltering climate, and tepid water in chilly climate)


This makes your hen sickness protection. It keeps them free from contaminations and lessen death rate. In any case, before immunization, observe that evil hen doesn’t should be inoculated any longer (isolate sick feathered creatures to abstain from spreading) and ensure inoculation hardware are washed with hot bubbled water or sterile/antiseptic. Here are the antibodies that can be given to layer hens.

In any case, before immunization, observe that evil hen doesn’t should be inoculated any longer (isolate sick flying creatures to abstain from spreading) and ensure inoculation hardware are washed with hot bubbled water or germ-free/antiseptic. Here are the immunizations that can be given to layer hens. Marex, Gamboro, Salmonela and so on.

Note that a normal solid Layer lays eggs relatively consistently or if nothing else 4 times in seven days. This implies in fact a Layer is equipped for creating another chicken twice in three days.

Inside the initial 20 weeks of age, around 5% of hens begin laying eggs and can lay as much as 325 eggs in a year

Around 10% winged animals begin laying at their 21 weeks of age

When they achieve 26 to 30 weeks of age, they create profoundly. In spite of the fact that, it might be diverse relying upon their strain

In the wake of laying a most extreme number of eggs, they normally quit laying for a couple of days

Also, after this period, their egg creation may lessen gradually

Egg laying rate and size of eggs increment continuously

The hens develop till their 40 weeks of age

Weight and size of eggs increment till their 50 weeks of age.


Showcasing includes a scope of costs, contingent upon the diverse sizes of egg, distinctive brands, or different contrasts which draw specifically purchasers. In the home and shop circumstance, it is best to store them at ordinary icebox temperature.

w To Start Layers Poultry In Nigeria

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