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How To Start Production In Nigeria


How to start manufacturing in Nigeria:

Manufacturing can be challenging, but the rewards can be great — both emotionally and financially.
The first and the most important of all is, of course, an idea. I often hear people say, I need to make money and my question is, are you the government? It is absolutely illegal to make money. This idea- that you need to make money to have it – limits you to believing you must trade time for money. Quit thinking about making money and think in terms of collecting it. When you trade something of value with the public you will get money in return. However, if you are interested in how to start your own manufacturing business you most likely already know what you would like to produce. Nevertheless, it is crucial that you are absolutely sure that the product you wish to produce is actually needed. After all, you have to sell your product if you want to succeed. There are no guarantees that people will like your product, however, this is a risk every entrepreneur needs to take.

Things to do first:

• Idea about what to Manufacture
• Research on the products and its target market
• Find the location for your factory and office
• Register your company with the corporate affairs of Nigeria
• Raise funds from Loans, Savings, SMEs funding program, Donations.
• Buy the Machines needed (preferably from India or China).
• Assemble the Machines
• Employ few worker at first
• Start Manufacturing
• Promote your Products
• Sell Your products

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