How To Start Quail Farming In Nigeria

Quail cultivating is a standout amongst the most beneficial business in the poultry wing of the rural part. The business has an exceptional yield on speculation withing a brief timeframe. This is a business which I am intending to begin in couple of weeks time.

Quails are raised for their fragile living creature and eggs, however most of the benefit is in the eggs delivered. With great ranch hone, a quail is equipped for laying an egg day by day. The normal cost of a quail egg is twenty naira (N20), and it offers rapidly because of appeal.

Ripe quail egg is thought to be considerably more healthful than chicken egg and therapeutic professionals do suggest it for the treatment of numerous sicknesses, for example, hypertension, gastric ulcer, liver issues, asthma, iron deficiency, and so on. No big surprise it is said to be a super sustenance. You can create ripe quail eggs in your ranch by blending your quails in a male to female proportion of 1:5 ( 1 male, 5 females).

Quail cultivating is a business which is determined to soon assume control chicken-poultry business in Nigeria. This is because of the high rate of profits and ease of venture close by minimal dynamic work (or work cost) in raising them contrasted with chicken cultivating.

Nearby a mandatory general organization of medications, a develop chicken devours a normal of 150grams of sustenance day by day, while a develop quail just expends between 20 to 25grams of nourishment for each day in addition to practically no medications.

Quail egg has a normal market cost of N20 which is near that of chicken. Quails take around five to a month and a half to develop to purpose of lay contrasted with chicken that takes twenty to twenty four


With a start-up capital of N200,000 and great showcasing technique, you can acquire a normal of N100,000 month to month. Tail me as I show the examination to you beneath:

1. 250 developed female quails at N500 each = N125,000

2. 50 developed male quails at N300 each = N15,000

3. Lodging » 2step 3feet width and four feet length = N25,000

4. Feeders/consumers = N4000

5. Nourishes = 9 (25kg) sacks every month = N22,500

6. Different = N8,500

Add up to = N200,000.


1. 1 to 5 are settled capitals.

2. Cost of quails, confine, feeders/consumers may shift somewhat in your general vicinity. I am utilizing Kaduna state as a source of perspective point.

Normal offering cost per egg = N20. 250 female quails can lay at least 225 eggs every day, which infers 6750 eggs month to month. 6750eggs x N20 = N135,000 month to month.

It ought to be noticed that quails lay eggs for at least eighteen months ( one and a half year). As per my own arrangement, I ought to have the capacity to grow my ranch to 1000 quails in under two years.


1. Ensure the confine or room is secured from felines, snakes, rats and cheats

2. The pen or room ought to be all around ventilated

3. Clean the confine or room frequently. This is on account of a filthy

condition prompts lessened egg creation or even infection flare-up

4. Give your quails clean water. Water ought to dependably be accessible as

quails drink much water

5. Give your quails great quality nourishment.

The interest for ripe quail eggs is high. An appropriate showcasing methodology is the thing that you have to offer your eggs rapidly. You can begin by educating loved ones of your items and requesting that they tell others.

Place publications around your territory conveying data about the nourishing and medical advantages of quail eggs, not neglecting to contribute your contact points of interest. You can likewise do same by printing and dispersing flyers.

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