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How To Start Quarry Business In Nigeria


Think of the number of road and building projects carried out in Nigeria yearly and you may begin to have an idea of how lucrative quarry business can be in Nigeria. Quarries are where granites, gravel and stones used in construction are produced.

The earth is made up of rocks and sand, stone, granite and such products are derived by breaking these hard rocks into smaller pieces. Naturally, this is a process that should take hundreds of years but who is willing to wait a hundred years just to get a handful of rocks?

So man in his usual innovative restlessness decides to come up with a method to speed up the process so that granites, gravel, sand and other related products are available within minutesand not centuries.

As a quarry business operator, some of your customers would include-:

Roads and bridge building contractors.
House building contractors including private builders.
Cement and Brick Manufacturers.
Marble and Tile Manufacturers.
Granite wholesalers and retailers.
Make no mistake; this is not a cheap business to start. It is a business that requires millions of naira in capital. However, if you cannot afford to set up a quarry, you can settle for being a wholesaler. This means that you would purchase your products from quarries in bulk and then sell directly to consumers in smaller quantities. Some of the basic steps involved in setting up a quarry in Nigeria are explained below:

Lease a Piece of Land
You would need to lease a rocky land from the government where you would crush and derive your products from. These sites are usually leased for between 1 and 5 years depending on the terms of contract.

Purchase Equipment
The next step would be to purchase equipment which would be used in carrying out operations. Some of the equipment needed include crushers, excavators, dumpers, pay loaders, generators and Way Bridge. These equipments can be sourced from the USA, China or Europe.

Gather Knowledge
The next thing you need is to acquire the knowledge to run the business. Running a quarry is a very technical process and you need to devote time into learning how it is done.

Of course, you can hire people to run and manage the business for you but it is advisable that you learn the nitty-gritty of the business as well to prevent being ripped off by dubious employees who may decide to exploit you when they observe that you don’t know much about the business.

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This is another sub-sector of the quarry business. Infact, this is an industry on its own.Upon production of granite and other products, you would need a solid distribution system to ensure that your buyers have their products delivered to them with ease.

If you can afford it, purchase a few heavy-duty haulage vehicles like tippers or Lorries for distribution of your products but if you cannot afford it, don’t sweat it at all.

What most quarry owners do is to engage the services of third party haulage contractors who would take up the distribution aspect of the business. Some of them would lease their vehicles to you and have you pay them a specific amount monthly while some of them wouldprefer toundertake the service themselves as third-party haulage contractors.

Don’t let all the grammar scare you, with a minimum of N5 million, you can establish a small scale quarry that would earn you millions in profit yearly.

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