How To Start Snacks Business In Nigeria

First determined the kind of snacks you will start with or what the people in your environment will love to buy,such as meat pile,fish
roll,chin-chin,sausage,pancake,egg roll e.t.c.
Just do a market research to know the kind of snacks the people in your environment will love to buy.

Another thing you need is an oven.

The next is the ingredient such as flour,butter, egg e.t.c

Then determine your marketing strategy, which is the most important of all,bcs if you have a great product without a good marketing
strategy, bet me you will not attain the expected success in this business.The issue of marketing is one vital element that you can’t
do without in any business. I will advice you to start with giving out your first product to people to taste for free.especially those provisions sellers in your environment, and if your product is okay,they will be the one running after you…

Let’s assume you have about 20 point where you supply this products to and earn atleast 500naira from each of them on a daily basis,just do the calculation by yourself and you will see why this is a money spinning business

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