How To Start Soap Business In Nigeria

What You Will Need For Soap Making
A local welder could help you to do a mould, get a cheap cutting machine for your stamp through which your name can be engrave on your soap. You have started making good money. pay attention to this article as we explore some of the rudiments in soap making business.

Capital: With as little as N50,000 you can start your own soap making business from home. If you are unsure about how much money you will need upfront, discussing with other entrepreneur will be necessary, it could be money from your purse, friends or loan from the bank etc.

Equipment: These are some of the list of the equipment needed in soap making — A Mould, Cutting Machine and a Trimming Machine.

In addition, a Metallic Stamp is required for labeling if you wish to build your brand, a Safety Hand Glove, Stainless Steel or Plastic Spoons, Paper Towel, Stick Blender, Measuring Cup, Plastic Spoons, Iye, Oils, Organic Ingredients, Scents, Colours and other chemicals.

Major Steps

Choose your recipe

Assemble your ingredients

Prepare your mould by lining inside with parchment paper

Start the measuring

Make sure all ingredient is weighed this includes your liquid ingredients

Measure out your Iye. Make sure you have your hand-gloves and your eyes goggles on to protect you from injury.

Pour the Iye into a water or other liquid.

While the Iye solution is cooling, weigh out the oil and butter

Before mixing, make sure your iye and oil are in the same temperature.

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