How To Start Supermarket In Nigeria

Major things to do before starting a supermarket:
With the following measures, this will make the procedures easy to assess, check out 10 major things to do in order to start a supermarket right here in 9ja.

DRAW A BUSINESS PLAN: Every good business will always require a concise business plan showing plans for the future, aims and objectives. The reason you need this is because many have ventured into business they could not continue to the end. A business plan will help you control expenses and reduce impulse buying.
SOURCE OF CAPITAL: Though you can start off gradually but you need to have a source of continuous capital to support your new plan. Source of income could be from loans, little savings, money lend from family members and friends. With that, you could start up something like a mini supermarket which would bloom to a big one.
LOCATION: You must ensure that whatever location you will be choosing will be easily accessible by customers. Don’t choose sites far from cities, you can opt for busy areas where customers can easily access in order to sell especially perishable products so they don’t spoil before they get the chance of being purchased. You’ll notice that most buyers will be urban dwellers, so situating your supermarket in an urban environment won’t be such a bad idea.
REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS: First thing first, registration is of the essence, this is so you don’t get humiliated in future. This also gives you boldness because in future, fraudster claiming to be Corporate Affair workers may come demanding payment from you, this will create boldness that you’re owning and thus protecting your right as a registered business man/woman.
KNOW THE GOODS YOU’D LIKE TO BUY: Go for highly demanded products and not products that will mark their 20th birthday in your shelf. Go for varieties of goods, avoid much perishable goods so you don’t end up at loss if you can’t sale off before the stipulated length of time. With varieties, customers won’t lack what to buy, some will even get confused on which to buy and may end up buying everything.
MEET MANUFACTURERS AND WHOLESALERS: Buying from manufacturers may be much better because it reduces extra cost on goods you would have purchased with a ridiculous amount of money, that money can be channeled into something else. Meet people who do homemade products especially cookies, because they may sell to you at discount rate better than the prices you would have gotten at the market.
GET RELIABLE SALES ATTENDANTS: One thing about supermarkets is that you sell every day, if you don’t have reliable and trustworthy sales attendants to manage the business for you, you may end up in loss of money and products which lead us to the next point where you need to…..
PROVIDE THEM WITH COMPUTER AND DEBIT CARD MACHINES: These machines are very essential if you must have a safe keep of money from robbers and from unreliable sellers. These days, customers do not like going about with money for fear of attack. Yesterday as I walked into a supermarket I noticed potential buyers paying for products with their ATM cards, this is a very easy and simple way of securing oneself plus you can get a device that detects how much a particular products cost in case they forget the price.
MEET POTENTIAL BUYERS: Advertise your business yourself if you can’t visit the radio or TV station. You could advertise them on social Medias, invite friends to buy and once in a while offer promo and bonanza, it’s not a waste of money, and it’s a way of gaining customer’s patronage. You must also know prices of various products so you don’t scare people away.
RESTOCK YOUR WARE: Don’t wait for products to finish up completely before you get new stocks because the money may also finish off before you know what’s next. When restocking, take notes of products that got more demand s and settle more for them and less for products that were that greatly patronized.

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