How To Start Turkey Farming In Nigeria

This is going to be the place where your turkeys will be kept till maturity age and because of that, should be constructed in a professionally way. The floor should be covered with materials like saw dust, paper sacs etc. This is to regulate the room temperature cause it should not be too cold or hot. A normal room temperature is what is needed.

turkey farm structure
Small Scale Turkey Structure

When constructing your farm-house, take into account some predators like snakes. Build it in such a way that your turkeys are protected. Don’t forget to also make out a space for their feed and drinking pans.

Just like other farm animals, turkeys also come in different varieties or breeds. It’s recommended you start with a day old turkey which is called poults. Also purchase the male and female turkey cause it will aid the production of eggs.

White Holland
Standard Bronze
Broad-Breasted Bronze
Bourbon Reds
Royal Palm
Wild bronze turkey etc.
Before 20 weeks, they are ready to get sold.

There’s no wide difference between chicken feeds and turkey feeds. Some major turkey feeds are soybeans, millet, rice, corn etc.. The stage of growth determines the type of feed to serve. Take a look below at some different feeds.

Per-appetizer feeds
Growers feeds
Layers feeds
Finisher feeds
Get a feed that’s very rich with protein. The bigger the turkey, the bigger the feed cause they will require more energy to do anything, like laying of eggs. Don’t forget to always give them lots of water. It’s fact that turkeys drinks more water than any other poultry animals.

Before you start this turkey farm business, try to get as much knowledge as possible. This article might not be enough in terms of giving you all the ‘KNOW HOW‘ tips. It’s encouraged that you meet a turkey farmer, or even watch a well detailed documentary about how to start a turkey farm here in Nigeria. Having all the knowledge required will boost your confidence and thereby trigger you to start this business.

The financial reward is mouth-watering I must say. Imagine if you were able to rear about 50 turkeys at the end of the farming year, then sell N20,000 each. Let’s do the maths. N20,000 x 50 = N1,000,000. That’s too much gain. The good thing is, growing to maturity takes only 20 weeks. You can make more than 1million depending on your target.

Turkey business is a lucrative business you should definitely consider starting here in Nigeria. With a capital of N50,000 you can start with 10 day old turkeys and grow from there. The target market is huge and that’s why it’s lucrative.

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