How To Stop Bleeding

  • Apply coordinate weight on the cut or twisted with a perfect fabric, tissue, or bit of cloth until draining stops.On the off chance that blood splashes through the material, don’t expel it. Put more material or bandage over it and keep on applying weight.

    On the off chance that the injury is on the arm or leg, raise appendage over the heart, if conceivable, to help moderate dying.

    Wash your hands again subsequent to giving medical aid and before cleaning and dressing the injury.

    Try not to apply a tourniquet unless the draining is serious and not halted with coordinate weight.

    2. Clean Cut or Wound

    Tenderly perfect with cleanser and warm water. Attempt to wash cleanser out of twisted to anticipate bothering.

    Try not to utilize hydrogen peroxide or iodine, which can harm tissue.

    3. Secure the Wound

    Apply anti-toxin cream to lessen danger of contamination and cover with a sterile gauze.

    Change the swathe day by day to keep the injury perfect and dry.

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