How To Stop Jaw Clicking

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Jaw clicking should be definitely addressed, especially if it is painful. If it has never happened before, try reducing your jaw function by switching to a softer diet, or try to relax your jaw if you find yourself clenching. Basically, you will need to identify what your jaw can tolerate and avoid foods that cause your jaw to hurt, at least until it begins to feel more relaxed.

If the popping is caused by an injury to the jaw, some dentists recommend that you wait for 2-3 weeks to see if it resolves on its own. But if the clicking is repetitive, it could be indicative of an inflammatory condition or strain to the muscles that may eventually lead to some arthritic joint degeneration, which then limits jaw function and changes your bite.

In such cases, you should visit your dentist for a proper diagnosis and treatment, possibly with an intraoral appliance (dental splint) to create a buffer for the jaw and teeth to function properly for maximum stability.

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