How To Stop Night Sweats

See Below The Steps On How To Stop Night Sweats;

Open a window or run a fan to promote air circulation and get rid of stuffiness that may contribute to sweating while you sleep.

Cotton pajamas and sheets are less likely to trap moisture next to your skin or cause you to overheat than synthetics such as polyester or heavier down or wool blankets.
Wear nightclothes and use bedding made from natural fibers that allow your skin to breathe as you sleep.

Schedule a physical exam with your doctor to rule out medical conditions that may be causing your problem, especially if you are a women going through menopause.
The hormonal fluctuations associated with menopause often cause nightly hot flashes and excessive sweating.
If you have a medical reason for your night sweats, appropriate treatment may cause them to stop.
Illnesses such as hyperthyroidism, aids and some types of cancer may cause hyperhidrosis in some people.

Hormone replacement therapy, antidepressant medications and drugs used to control blood sugar levels may all cause nightime sweating.

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