How To Stop Sweaty Hands

Wash your hands regularly. Unless they’re actually dirty, just using water is fine, as constantly washing with soap will dry your skin.
Carry tissues with you and wipe your hands throughout the day.
Pocket-size hand gels will help cleanse and dry when you can’t get to a sink.
Talcum powder can help absorb sweat and give your hands a better grip, so grab a small container from the baby products aisle and keep it in your bag.
Outside of winter, don’t resort to gloves to cover up sweaty palms – this will make your hands sweat more, as your skin won’t be able to breathe.
Since stress can be a big factor in sweating, tackling the cause of your stress can sometimes help with symptoms like excessive sweaty hands.
For those with excessive sweating of the hands, other treatments are also available. Speak to your doctor or a professional medical adviser to discuss what causes sweaty hands and all the options available to you.

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