How To Stop Vomiting Bile

How to not throw up bile is not difficult as you think. In general, treatments for throwing up bile base on the causes.

If you get a food poison or severe dehydration, you might take intravenous fluids and electrolytes.

If the main cause is bile reflux, you must see a doctor then he/she will prescribe some medications such as: ursodeoxycholic acid or bile acid sequestrants. These drugs help change the composition of bile and disrupt the circulation of bile.

If medications don’t treat well the issue, you might get surgery. It will keep bile flow into the stomach by connecting to the small intestine.

On the other hands, a surgery removes the obstruction, blockage or adhesions. For colorectal cancer, treatments can include radiation, surgery, chemotherapy, and targeted therapies.

Preventions for throwing up bile
Stay hydrated
Water might improve the immune system and eliminate all harmful bacteria out of the body. Otherwise, water can prevent the excessive loss of bile. Typically, when you get food poisoning or digestive problems, the body is good hydration to avoid throwing up bile.

Make sure you drink enough of fluid or water (about 8 cups or 2 liters) everyday. You can drink some fruit juices as well.

Take frequent and small meals
Many studies showed that consume small and frequent meals per day will reduce the pressure on the intestine. Furthermore, it helps your stomach feel full all day to ease a number of calories. When you intake large or heavy meals, then it pressures to the digestive system, and the stomach and intestine need to work hard. It might cause bile reflux.

There are some kinds of foods you can eat such as: salty snacks, fruit juice or salad.

Avoid alcohol and smoking
Smoking dries up fluid in the body. Therefore, it can lead to vomit bile with saliva. Smoking for a long time might lead to COPD or some respiratory diseases thus yellow bile can throw up with mucus when the lung is inflamed.

We have well acknowledged that drinking too much alcohol can affect to the digestive system even destroy the stomach. Otherwise, alcohol is one of the main factors cause cancer. Do not drink more than one or two cups of alcoholic per day.

Some people can allergic to specific foods, therefore, they should avoid these foods. Otherwise, eating fresh and safe foods might help you prevent throwing up bile.

Eating healthy might change your life. Avoiding trigger foods not only how to keep from throwing up bile, but it also prevents some risk factors that cause diseases.

The trigger foods include: caffeinated drinks, chocolate, mint, onions, vinegar-based dressings, carbonated beverages and spicy foods.

home remedies

Home remedies for throwing up bile
Herbals are good remedies for vomit. You can apply some home remedies to reduce vomiting bile situation [2].

Cinnamon: Take a cup of water then boiling it. Add one teaspoon of cinnamon powder then steep for several minutes and wait for strained.
Ginger: take a teaspoon of lemon juice and ginger juice then drink a few times per day. Alternatively, take some ginger tea with some drops of honey to feel comfortable [3].
Fennel: this remedy is perfect to calm the digestive system. You can add a teaspoon of it with one cup of boiling water then steep about 10 minutes and drink when it is strained.
When to see the doctor
When you apply some home remedies, change your foods and others methods, but they are not effective. You have got some symptoms below; you should go to see a doctor:

Chest pain
Breath problems
Vomit up red materials
Severe abdomen pain
Lost weight without trying

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