Ibesikpo Asutan L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

Ward: Asutan 1

Polling Unit: 

(16 Polling Booths )
Market square, ikot akpa ndua i (PU: 03/09/06/010)
Market square, ikot akpa ndua ii (PU: 03/09/06/011)
Market square, ikot ukop (PU: 03/09/06/007)
Obo market square, ikot akpa ndua (PU: 03/09/06/012)
Pry sch, ikot akpa erong (PU: 03/09/06/008)
Pry sch, ikot annung (PU: 03/09/06/004)
Pry sch, ikot udo nkan (PU: 03/09/06/016)
Pry sch, mbak ekpe (PU: 03/09/06/014)
Pry sch, no. 1 akpa utong i (PU: 03/09/06/001)
Pry sch, no. 1 akpa utong ii (PU: 03/09/06/002)
Sec sch, okop ndua erong (PU: 03/09/06/006)
Town hall, ikot annung (PU: 03/09/06/005)
Village hall, ikot ediom (PU: 03/09/06/013)
Village square, akpa utong (PU: 03/09/06/003)
Village square, ikot akpa ndua (PU: 03/09/06/009)
Village square, mbak ekpe (PU: 03/09/06/015)

Ward: Asutan 11

Polling Unit: 

(9 Polling Booths )
Court hall, ikot iyan (PU: 03/09/07/006)
Health centre, ikot obio edim (PU: 03/09/07/001)
Nur sch, ikot akpa (PU: 03/09/07/005)
Pry sch, ikot akpaso (PU: 03/09/07/009)
Pry sch, ikot nkim (PU: 03/09/07/002)
Village hall, ikot iyan (PU: 03/09/07/007)
Village square, ikot akpa (PU: 03/09/07/004)
Village square, ikot nkim (PU: 03/09/07/003)
Village square, ikot nko (PU: 03/09/07/008)

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Ward: Asutan 111

Polling Unit: 

(8 Polling Booths )
Market square, ikot akpa eyoho ii (PU: 03/09/08/007)
Market square, ikot akpa edung (PU: 03/09/08/002)
Pry sch , ikot ebre (PU: 03/09/08/004)
Village square, ikot akpa eyoho i (PU: 03/09/08/006)
Village square, ikot obio ata (PU: 03/09/08/008)
Village square, ikot akpa edung (PU: 03/09/08/001)
Village square, ikot ebre (PU: 03/09/08/003)
Village square, ikot udo eyoho (PU: 03/09/08/005)

Ward: Asutan 1v

Polling Unit: 

(12 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, ikot atang esen (PU: 03/09/09/005)
Pry sch, ikot itok (PU: 03/09/09/006)
Pry sch, ndikpo atang (PU: 03/09/09/001)
Town hall, ikot mbang (PU: 03/09/09/011)
Town hall, obio aduang (PU: 03/09/09/007)
Village square, ikot atang esen i (PU: 03/09/09/003)
Village square, ikot atang esen ii (PU: 03/09/09/004)
Village square, ndikpo atang (PU: 03/09/09/002)
Village square, ikot abasi ebirn (PU: 03/09/09/008)
Village square, ikot atang uma i (PU: 03/09/09/009)
Village square, ikot atang uma ii (PU: 03/09/09/010)
Village square, ikot mbang (PU: 03/09/09/012)

Ward: Asutan v

Polling Unit: 

(15 Polling Booths )
Market square, ikot mbride (PU: 03/09/10/013)
Market square, ntuk otong (PU: 03/09/10/014)
Pry sch, ikot akpabin (PU: 03/09/10/006)
Pry sch, ikot enua (PU: 03/09/10/010)
Pry sch, ikot obio nko (PU: 03/09/10/005)
Pry sch, ikot oku akpan (PU: 03/09/10/008)
Pry sch, ikot osom (PU: 03/09/10/002)
Sec sch, ikot obio nko (PU: 03/09/10/004)
Village square, ikot abasi (PU: 03/09/10/015)
Village square, ikot akpabin (PU: 03/09/10/007)
Village square, ikot akpasia (PU: 03/09/10/011)
Village square, ikot ikan (PU: 03/09/10/012)
Village square, ikot nkwo (PU: 03/09/10/001)
Village square, ikot oku akpan (PU: 03/09/10/009)
Village square, ikot osom (PU: 03/09/10/003)

Ward:  Ibesikpo 1

Polling Unit:

(15 Polling Booths )
Market square, afaha ikot obio nkan (PU: 03/09/01/014)
Market square, ikot akpan edu (PU: 03/09/01/009)
Pry sch, afaha atai (PU: 03/09/01/005)
Pry sch, afaha etok (PU: 03/09/01/006)
Pry sch, afaha ikot obio nkan (PU: 03/09/01/015)
Pry sch, afaha ikot osum (PU: 03/09/01/008)
Pry sch, ikot akpan abia (PU: 03/09/01/012)
Pry sch, ikot iko i (PU: 03/09/01/003)
Pry sch, ikot iko ii (PU: 03/09/01/004)
Pry sch, mbierebe obio i (PU: 03/09/01/001)
Pry sch, mbierebe obio ii (PU: 03/09/01/002)
Pry sch, mbikpong ikot edim (PU: 03/09/01/010)
Pry sch, nung oku (PU: 03/09/01/007)
Village square, ikot akpan abia (PU: 03/09/01/013)
Village square, mbikpong ikot edim (near bus stop) (PU: 03/09/01/011)

Ward:  Ibesikpo 11

Polling Unit:

(13 Polling Booths )
Co-op hall, ikot obuot (PU: 03/09/02/004)
Pry sch, ikot ambon (PU: 03/09/02/006)
Pry sch, ikot eto (PU: 03/09/02/013)
Pry sch, ikot ikere (PU: 03/09/02/010)
Pry sch, ikot oduot (PU: 03/09/02/003)
Pry sch, ikot okubo (PU: 03/09/02/005)
Pry sch, ikot udo ekop (PU: 03/09/02/011)
Pry sch, nung ette i (PU: 03/09/02/001)
Pry sch, nung ette ii (PU: 03/09/02/002)
Pry sch, owot uta (PU: 03/09/02/007)
Village hall, ebere otu (PU: 03/09/02/009)
Village hall, ikot abasi idem (PU: 03/09/02/012)
Village hall, owot uta (PU: 03/09/02/008)

Ward: Ibesikpo 111

Polling Unit:

(10 Polling Booths )
Market square, nung udoe (PU: 03/09/03/003)
Pry sch , ikot ide akpakpan (PU: 03/09/03/009)
Pry sch , ikot ide etukudo (PU: 03/09/03/010)
Pry sch, ikot essien (PU: 03/09/03/007)
Pry sch, ikot udo (PU: 03/09/03/006)
Pry sch, mbierebe akpawat i (PU: 03/09/03/004)
Pry sch, mbierebe akpawat ii (PU: 03/09/03/005)
Pry sch, nung udoe (PU: 03/09/03/002)
Village hall, ikot akpa etok (PU: 03/09/03/008)
Village hall, nung udoe (PU: 03/09/03/001)

Ward: Ibesikpo 1v

Polling Unit:

(12 Polling Booths )
Co-op hall, ediam (PU: 03/09/04/003)
Market square, oku ibesikpo (PU: 03/09/04/004)
Pry sch, edem ibiok (PU: 03/09/04/011)
Pry sch, ikot obio odongo (PU: 03/09/04/007)
Pry sch, ikot obio offong (PU: 03/09/04/009)
Pry sch, ikot okure i (PU: 03/09/04/005)
Pry sch, ikot okure ii (PU: 03/09/04/006)
Pry sch, mbikpong atai (PU: 03/09/04/001)
Pry sch, mbikpong atai (PU: 03/09/04/002)
Village hall, ikot obio odongo (PU: 03/09/04/008)
Village hall, ikot obio offong (PU: 03/09/04/010)
Village hall, oku ikot edaha (PU: 03/09/04/012)

Ward: Ibesikpo v

Polling Unit:

(7 Polling Booths )
Pry sch, abia ukpo (PU: 03/09/05/007)
Pry sch, itoko (PU: 03/09/05/006)
Pry sch, nung ukana ikot efre (PU: 03/09/05/001)
Village hall, afaha udoeyop (PU: 03/09/05/004)
Village hall, nung ukana ikot efre (PU: 03/09/05/002)
Village hall, nung ukong, ikot obio akpan (PU: 03/09/05/003)
Village square, afaha ikot owop (PU: 03/09/05/005)

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