Idemili South L.G.A Polling Units/Wards

(12 Wards )

Akwukwu Ward 

(6 Polling Booths )
Catholic church premises i (PU: 04/11/01/001)
Catholic church premises ii (PU: 04/11/01/002)
Catholic church premises iii (PU: 04/11/01/003)
Community pry. school i (PU: 04/11/01/004)
Community pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/01/005)
Community pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/01/006)

Alor i Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Nkwo ide public square i (PU: 04/11/02/006)
Nkwo ide public square ii (PU: 04/11/02/007)
Nkwo ide public square iii (PU: 04/11/02/008)
Nkwo ide public square iv (PU: 04/11/02/009)
Nkwo ide public square v (PU: 04/11/02/010)
Okwu memorial p/school i (PU: 04/11/02/001)
Okwu memorial p/school ii (PU: 04/11/02/002)
Okwu memorial p/school iii (PU: 04/11/02/003)
Okwu memorial p/school iv (PU: 04/11/02/004)
Okwu memorial p/school v (PU: 04/11/02/005)

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Alor ii Ward 

(10 Polling Booths )
Alor central school i (PU: 04/11/03/004)
Alor central school ii (PU: 04/11/03/005)
Alor central school iii (PU: 04/11/03/006)
Umuoshi pry. school i (PU: 04/11/03/007)
Umuoshi pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/03/008)
Umuoshi pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/03/009)
Umuoshi pry. school iv (PU: 04/11/03/010)
United pry. school i (PU: 04/11/03/001)
United pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/03/002)
United pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/03/003)

Awka-etiti i Ward 

(16 Polling Booths )
Central school, awka-etiti i (PU: 04/11/04/007)
Central school, awka-etiti ii (PU: 04/11/04/008)
Ejighinandu hall i (PU: 04/11/04/001)
Ejighinandu hall ii (PU: 04/11/04/002)
Ejighinandu hall iii (PU: 04/11/04/003)
Girls secondary school, awka etiti i (PU: 04/11/04/009)
Girls secondary school, awka-etiti ii (PU: 04/11/04/010)
Iruowelle hall i (PU: 04/11/04/011)
Iruowelle hall ii (PU: 04/11/04/012)
Nkolofia pry. school i (PU: 04/11/04/004)
Nkolofia pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/04/005)
Nkolofia pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/04/006)
Ogunzele hall i (PU: 04/11/04/013)
Ogunzele hall ii (PU: 04/11/04/014)
Umuezenwa bachili hall i (PU: 04/11/04/015)
Umuezenwa bachili hall ii (PU: 04/11/04/016)

Awka-etiti ii Ward 

(14 Polling Booths )
Nnaba hall i (PU: 04/11/05/008)
Nnaba hall ii (PU: 04/11/05/009)
Nnaba hall iii (PU: 04/11/05/010)
Ogwugwu ideani pry. school i (PU: 04/11/05/011)
Ogwugwu ideani pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/05/012)
Ogwugwu ideani pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/05/013)
Umuaghaji hall (PU: 04/11/05/014)
Umudunu hall i (PU: 04/11/05/005)
Umudunu hall ii (PU: 04/11/05/006)
Umudunu hall iii (PU: 04/11/05/007)
Umunocha hall i (PU: 04/11/05/001)
Umunocha hall ii (PU: 04/11/05/002)
Umunocha hall iii (PU: 04/11/05/003)
Umunocha hall iv (PU: 04/11/05/004)

Nnobi iii Ward

(15 Polling Booths )
Awuda hall i (PU: 04/11/08/005)
Awuda hall ii (PU: 04/11/08/006)
Eziehulu hall i (PU: 04/11/08/001)
Eziehulu hall ii (PU: 04/11/08/002)
Eziehulu hall iii (PU: 04/11/08/003)
Eziehulu hall iv (PU: 04/11/08/004)
Ezike hall i (PU: 04/11/08/011)
Ezike hall ii (PU: 04/11/08/012)
Obodo akpa pry. school i (PU: 04/11/08/013)
Obodo akpa pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/08/014)
Obodo akpa pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/08/015)
Our lady’s secondary school i (PU: 04/11/08/009)
Our lady’s secondary school ii (PU: 04/11/08/010)
St. andrew’s nursery school i (PU: 04/11/08/007)
St. andrew’s nursery school ii (PU: 04/11/08/008)

Nnobi i Ward

(10 Polling Booths )
Agwu-ubaha hall (PU: 04/11/06/005)
Amadunu hall (PU: 04/11/06/007)
Amadunu square (PU: 04/11/06/006)
Community central school i (PU: 04/11/06/001)
Community central school ii (PU: 04/11/06/002)
Ebenesi pry. school (PU: 04/11/06/008)
Eziorah pry. school (PU: 04/11/06/010)
Obi memorial pry. school (PU: 04/11/06/009)
Umuafor village hall i (PU: 04/11/06/003)
Umuafor village hall ii (PU: 04/11/06/004)

Nnobi ii Ward 

(16 Polling Booths )
Agbam pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/07/008)
Central school i (PU: 04/11/07/003)
Central school ii (PU: 04/11/07/004)
Customary court i (PU: 04/11/07/015)
Customary court ii (PU: 04/11/07/016)
Egbam pry. school i (PU: 04/11/07/007)
Egbunamba square i (PU: 04/11/07/005)
Egbunamba square ii (PU: 04/11/07/006)
Ezeme hall i (PU: 04/11/07/001)
Ezeme hall ii (PU: 04/11/07/002)
St. simons school i (PU: 04/11/07/013)
St. simons school ii (PU: 04/11/07/014)
Umuikechem square i (PU: 04/11/07/009)
Umuikechem square ii (PU: 04/11/07/010)
United pry. school i (PU: 04/11/07/011)
United pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/07/012)

Nnokwa Ward 

(17 Polling Booths )
Central school nnokwa i (PU: 04/11/09/012)
Central school nnokwa ii (PU: 04/11/09/013)
Central school nnokwa iii (PU: 04/11/09/014)
Dispensary nnokwa i (PU: 04/11/09/001)
Dispensary nnokwa ii (PU: 04/11/09/002)
Dispensary nnokwa iii (PU: 04/11/09/003)
Idemili square i (PU: 04/11/09/015)
Idemili square ii (PU: 04/11/09/016)
Idemili square iii (PU: 04/11/09/017)
Ubili hall i (PU: 04/11/09/008)
Ubili hall ii (PU: 04/11/09/009)
Ubili hall iii (PU: 04/11/09/010)
Ubili hall iv (PU: 04/11/09/011)
Ukpaka pry. school i (PU: 04/11/09/006)
Ukpaka pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/09/007)
Umuefi hall i (PU: 04/11/09/004)
Umuefi hall ii (PU: 04/11/09/005)

Oba i Ward 

(18 Polling Booths )
Ama okeke square (PU: 04/11/10/018)
Bright pry. school i (PU: 04/11/10/003)
Bright pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/10/004)
Ebipu hall (PU: 04/11/10/017)
Ezelle mbana hall (PU: 04/11/10/012)
Isu umuabu pry. school (PU: 04/11/10/008)
Oba civic centre (PU: 04/11/10/009)
Obodo okuzu square (PU: 04/11/10/016)
Ogwugwu pry. school (PU: 04/11/10/001)
Okpuno etiti hall (PU: 04/11/10/011)
Okuzu mbana hall (PU: 04/11/10/006)
Ose awii square (PU: 04/11/10/014)
Ose ntaja square (PU: 04/11/10/015)
Ose ukwu square (PU: 04/11/10/013)
St. joseph’s pry. school (PU: 04/11/10/005)
St. thomas school (PU: 04/11/10/007)
Umumpama hall (PU: 04/11/10/002)
Umuonyenora hall (PU: 04/11/10/010)

Oba ii Ward 

(35 Polling Booths )
Abime square i (PU: 04/11/11/020)
Abime square ii (PU: 04/11/11/021)
Central school i (PU: 04/11/11/016)
Central school ii (PU: 04/11/11/017)
Ezedim hall i (PU: 04/11/11/031)
Ezedim hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/032)
Ezelle square i (PU: 04/11/11/022)
Ezelle square ii (PU: 04/11/11/023)
Obodo aboji square i (PU: 04/11/11/005)
Obodo aboji square ii (PU: 04/11/11/006)
Okpuno umuogali hall i (PU: 04/11/11/007)
Okpuno umuogali hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/008)
Ose abosi square i (PU: 04/11/11/028)
Ose abosi square ii (PU: 04/11/11/029)
Ose abosi square iii (PU: 04/11/11/030)
Ose uruagu square (PU: 04/11/11/027)
Ose uruagu/ogali square (PU: 04/11/11/026)
Ose uzobi square i (PU: 04/11/11/034)
Ose uzobi square ii (PU: 04/11/11/035)
St. paul’s school i (PU: 04/11/11/002)
St. pauls church iii (PU: 04/11/11/004)
St. pauls school ii (PU: 04/11/11/003)
Ugwube pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/11/019)
Ugwube pry. school i (PU: 04/11/11/018)
Umuagu hall i (PU: 04/11/11/009)
Umuagu hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/010)
Umuogali hall i (PU: 04/11/11/011)
Umuogali hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/012)
Umuokpa hall i (PU: 04/11/11/024)
Umuokpa hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/025)
Uruagu hall i (PU: 04/11/11/013)
Uruagu hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/014)
Uruagu hall iii (PU: 04/11/11/015)
Uruokokwu hall ii (PU: 04/11/11/033)
Uruokwukwu hall i (PU: 04/11/11/001)

Ojoto Ward 

(33 Polling Booths )
Afor hall i (PU: 04/11/12/009)
Afor hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/010)
Afor hall iii (PU: 04/11/12/011)
Afor hall iv (PU: 04/11/12/012)
Ama ugochukwu hall i (PU: 04/11/12/025)
Ama ugochukwu hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/026)
Ama ugochukwu hall iii (PU: 04/11/12/027)
Enuogwugwu hall i (PU: 04/11/12/001)
Enuogwugwu hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/002)
Enuogwugwu hall iii (PU: 04/11/12/003)
Enuogwugwu hall iv (PU: 04/11/12/004)
Ezieke hall i (PU: 04/11/12/015)
Ezieke hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/016)
Health centre i (PU: 04/11/12/023)
Health centre ii (PU: 04/11/12/024)
Ire village hall i (PU: 04/11/12/031)
Ire village hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/032)
Ire village hall iii (PU: 04/11/12/033)
Oganiru pry. school i (PU: 04/11/12/005)
Oganiru pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/12/006)
Oganiru pry. school iii (PU: 04/11/12/007)
Oganiru pry. school iv (PU: 04/11/12/008)
Ojor village hall i (PU: 04/11/12/028)
Ojor village hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/029)
Ojor village hall iii (PU: 04/11/12/030)
Udekwe hall i (PU: 04/11/12/017)
Udekwe hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/018)
Udekwe hall iii (PU: 04/11/12/019)
Udekwe hall iv (PU: 04/11/12/020)
Umuechem hall i (PU: 04/11/12/013)
Umuechem hall ii (PU: 04/11/12/014)
Uruone pry. school i (PU: 04/11/12/021)
Uruone pry. school ii (PU: 04/11/12/022)

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